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Playing video games in school

So I have quite the history of doing lot of things I’m not supposed to do in school, especially on school computers. It all started last year in my AP computer science class. In this class I was supposed to learn about python and some other stuff that I don’t care about. I’m this class we had access to computers of course, and I never once did a single assignment in that class, but the teacher would give me 100s on every assignment. I have no clue why he did this, he was just cool like that. The year started off with the people in my class showing me how to pirate games and stuff like that. During actual school hours we would have little counter strike source LAN party’s. I was never good at the game because I’m trash at keyboard and mouse. Also I never liked counter strike. So I went off to think of other games that had lan support and requires no real pc specs. So I went off to pirate Halo combat evolved. I love halo, and being able to play it in class with my friends is sooo much fun, so now we love on to around December ish. This is when I leaned about the wonderful world of emulation. I watched a YouTube video about this emulator called dolphin. Dolphin is really cool, it lets you play GameCube games and Wii games. So suddenly I had a whole new world of games that I could play. I started off by wanting to play legend of Zelda Wind waker, but my game kept crashing so I couldn’t play it. Not really caring about other game cube games, I went off to wanting to play legend of Zelda skyward sword, but the motion controls were to complicated for keyboard and mouse. So then I had the idea of playing super Mario galaxy 2. And it worked! It was sooo cool playing Mario galaxy 2 during my class. My data actually managed to save every time with no problems, so I was actually able to beet the entire game! I did not speed run the game, I probably had around 26 hours logged on the game. 26 hours of my school was spent playing Mario galaxy 2 during my computer science class. While I was playing galaxy, all my friends started a Minecraft server, because they managed to pirate Minecraft, so then we played that a lot, then sadly covid hit.

The end
Or is it?

I have started going back to school on Monday and in my photoshop class my teacher does not mind us playing games on the computer, my school updated/. Heavily restricted internet access even more, luckily, I saved dolphin emulator to my google drive so I have it forever, and now I’m going to beat Mario kart Wii during class 😈

I did the flower cup yesterday and I’ll be able to do more tomorrow

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I’m so PISSED that chromeOS doesn’t run .exe files


much easier to play flash games instead ☺


we use our school's shitty laptop to get on myspace and play minecraft education edition.


omg tyler bae, could you sum up that whole paragraph into like 2 sentences bc i wanna read it but i also dont 😫😫😫😫😫


BRO DIS IS ILLIGAL U R GOING 2 GET IN TROBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah Dude

if I were the school I would stop you from connecting to proxies altogether (and limit what programs can run), but if you really really want one you could set up a vpn on your or a friend's home computer. It may be super annoying setup-wise but it's an option. Otherwise, can you use USB thumb drives on the school computers? Then you could start an underground economy of pirated games that you install offline


i mean i usually play coolmathgames in class because learning is boring

The Online Mercedes

I use the school computer to get on myspace


My class was the reason my school needed to update there blockers and stuff. My school also blocked all 4 of my proxy’s/vpns 😭