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"Remember Reach"
16 years old
United States
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GUYS, the strangest thing happened!

So I was taking my little brother to the park to play at the playground, but when we arrived we saw a man calling the police, and at the same time a guy (who I know) was riding his bike away from the scene yelling to the man that he needs to see his mom. So I was like wow, a guy I know just got the police called on him. Rip him. Then I carried on into the park with my brother. We were just chillin at the playground for around 20 minutes when 3 cop cars and one ems drive by the park. So I don’t know what happened, but I still did not think too much of the situation. We played at the playground for another hour maybe, and I was getting ready to go, when the cop cars and ems truck pulled up to the park. I thought that if I left the place right when the cops show up, I would look suspicious, so I stayed. So I assumed they were going to do some investigation and what not, and I was right. About 6 police officers walked up to me (and I was so scared bro, having 6 police officers walk up to me was one of the scariest feelings ever.) and one guy out of the bunch stepped forward and asked how long I had been there for. He asked many questions. While talking to me he was writing down everything I knew about the situation and how I knew the guy who was riding his bike. After all the questions he asked were answered, he gave me a paper to fill out, so I did (I was not about to say no to an official lol, today is not the day I get 6 warning bullets to the heart) I told everything and he thanked me and all that. Then I left the place with my little brother.
And that was everything, I think I’m considered an eye whiteness now?

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Europ Europ Fanclub

Surely, it must be about selling drugs!? The kid on the bike tried to sell to another minor?
I remember a van I was sitting in was stopped by the police. They thought they've found the guy they were looking for: me. So I was taken aside and interrogated by two officers, while the other people in the van were interrogated by the other officers. It was a dramatic moment!

Cailyn mitchell

Oop that’s sad


oh wow well thats crazy stay safe


o damn thats wild


what the fuck


tyler you madlad
but fr tho be careful


very interesting


yo wtf i dont think you should b posting this


Woah omg that’s crazy :0
I wonder what happened, damn

Jaden Desmond

get in the protection program, take no chances