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"we like fake plastic animals <3"
15 years old
United States
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The Saccharine System : Day 25

Check out the System here !

Host's Journal

No real updates today, other than the fact that the system's been REALLY quiet. I think it's because I haven't visited them for a few days. Sorry guys, I swear I'll get there soon !

Funnybug uses he/him pronouns now. He's a transmasc demiboy and I couldn't be prouder. Here's hoping the system gets a little louder and more exciting soon !

Lessons in Linguistics

This is our new blog segment, for whenever we learn some cool new stuff about language !! We're learning Spanish, so here we may post what we learn in either that or in English, since you can always study more of your native tongue =]

Hoy, aprendi que cuando alguien "tiene" un accion, esta escrito como : "[gente] hace [accion]". I.e., "Junior hace ejercicio" significa "Junior's Exercise".

Gracias por leer !

Art Showcase

Art by me =] first painting in a long long time so it's a bit messy and I definitely rushed it but it was nice to get some practice done.

Cheers !

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also nice painting!!!!! [it wasnt loadong for me at first lmao]


this is very cool!! a correction from the spanish section tho, "Junior hace ejercicio" means "Junior is doing exercise/exercising" and "el ejercicio de Junior" is "Junior's exercise!"!!!! very proud of funnybug, us [or at least me xd] he/him's welcome him!!!!!!