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"we like fake plastic animals <3"
15 years old
United States
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The Saccharine System : Day 13

Meet the System !


Gwynn : hardworking and serious. a bit of a hero complex. has difficulty understanding shades of grey, but has a good heart.


Junebug : hyperactive and gregarious. has a mean streak. tends to see themselves as the "villain" of the system.
Funnybug : quiet and contemplative. manages the body's pain. unclear form, gender ... everything. very mysterious.
Budgie : empathetic and patient. the "mother" of the system. loves teaching and comforting people. a bit clingy.


Clarity : helps clear the mind, and allow passage in and out of mindscape. the system's "janitor".
Osmo : helps upload objects to mindscape, and manages the overall stability. the system's "constructor".
Percy : helps upload text to mindscape, and is always seen around Osmo. the system's "transcriber".

Host's Journal

Not a whole lot of progress since last post, unfortunately. Though I would like to let each of the thoughtforms explain what their room is going to look like ! So here goes :

Junebug : Well I know mine's gonna be SPACE CADET THEMED !!!!! There's gonna be LAZERS and BUTTONS and other cool stuff I can mess with ! Oh oh and my bed is gonna be this little escape pod with pillows and blankets in and around it for MAXIMUM comfort, so I can wake up refreshed and ready to CONQUER THE WORLD !!!

Funnybug : i'd love a static wallpaper, and an old boxy computer that runs Windows 95, and definitely a drum kit somewhere. posters of my favourite bands like tool, soundgarden, smashing pumpkins ... yknow, that kinda stuff. also maybe some playing cards and board games since those are always nice !

Budgie : Oh, well, I would adore some nice soft pastel colours for the walls, and plushies lining every wall. Maybe some hanging hammocks for smaller plushies too. I'd like my bed to be a big water bed ! And could we get some glowing star stickers for the walls, and a cd player with lullaby & folk music ? That would be so lovely <3

Well, there you have it ! As you can see Osmo has a lot of work cut out for patter, lmao.

Cheers !

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