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"we like fake plastic animals <3"
15 years old
United States
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The Saccharine System - Day 20

Meet the System !


Gwynn : hardworking and serious. a bit of a hero complex. has difficulty understanding shades of grey, but has a good heart.


Junebug : hyperactive and gregarious. has a mean streak. tends to see themselves as the "villain" of the system.
Funnybug : quiet and contemplative. manages the body's pain, dp, and dr. the system's protector. very mysterious.
Budgie : empathetic and patient. the "mother" of the system. loves teaching and comforting people. a bit clingy.


Clarity : helps clear the mind, and allow passage in and out of mindscape. the system's "janitor".
Osmo : helps upload objects to mindscape, and manages the overall stability. the system's "constructor".
Percy : helps upload text to mindscape, and is always seen around Osmo. the system's "transcriber".

Host's Journal

Hell, it's been a while. I've been having pretty bad dp/dr lately and it makes contacting the others hard, as it seems when that's happening to me Headspace gets more and more fuzzy and corrupted.

Funnybug's form and voice is clear now. They sound like an older teenage boy, and appear to be some kind of mangle-esque animatronic. They're the system's protector. So, we have a host, mother, protector, and villain. Fun !

Osmo and I worked some more on the house. There's now a kitchen and a garden, but being in it really corrupts my form to the point that I physically get thrust into space when I'm in there too long. But I don't really mind. Space is quiet, and calming, and Clarity can always warp me out at any time.

I think the space beyond Headspace has even more worlds we could colonize, if we wanted. I wonder if other beings live in those worlds ..? Thoughtforms, servitors, even independents ? What if other systems live on those worlds ?

I would like to meet them.

Cheers !

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this all sounds very cool and reads like a videogame where you have to explore unknown lands [which is kinda what you guys are doing anyways]!!!! very cool, progress is always cool :)!!!!!