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"we like fake plastic animals <3"
15 years old
United States
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The Saccharine System : Day 21

Meet the System !


Gwynn : hardworking and serious. a bit of a hero complex. has difficulty understanding shades of grey. the system's "host".


Junebug : hyperactive and gregarious. has a bit of a mean streak. the system's "villain", but isn't that good at it.
Funnybug : quiet, contemplative, and very mysterious. manages the body's pain, dp, and dr. the system's "protector".
Budgie : empathetic and patient. loves teaching and comforting people. a bit clingy. the system's "mother".


Clarity : helps clear the mind, and allow passage in and out of mindscape. the system's "janitor".
Osmo : helps upload objects to mindscape, and manages the overall stability. the system's "constructor".
Percy : helps upload text to mindscape, and is always seen around Osmo. the system's "transcriber".

Host's Journal

So ... a lot has happened in just one day. We've designed ourselves a system flag which you can see here :

We also worked on the system end of my carrd a bit (you can see my carrd in my About), adding some extra formatting, though it's still a work in progress.

I added a conversation pit into headspace, but it came out totally wrong, as did the flooring. Why exactly Osmo can't seem to get the floor colour right still eludes me. Is it that difficult ?

Anyway, approaching the conversation pit made my form glitch out, and I once again found myself in space, hurtling towards that ... entity I sensed last time.

I tried to speak to the entity, but all I got was gibberish. But the gibberish sounded like something different for sure, and the thoughtforms reassured me they heard it too and it wasn't from me later.

It refused or maybe couldn't answer my questions. I think it ... swallowed me, or something like that. This tunnel opened up around me and I could feel my form getting ripped apart, until even the physical body was shaking.

It was very difficult, but Clarity was able to get me out. According to my thoughtforms, my form respawned in Officespace, in a corrupted state though with Clarity's help it went back to normal.

Who or what is that entity ? Why does it corrupt all it swallows ? What does Osmo have to do with it ?

I don't know. But I want to find out.

Cheers !

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