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"we like fake plastic animals <3"
15 years old
United States
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The Saccharine System : Day 15

Meet the System !


Gwynn : hardworking and serious. a bit of a hero complex. has difficulty understanding shades of grey, but has a good heart.


Junebug : hyperactive and gregarious. has a mean streak. tends to see themselves as the "villain" of the system.
Funnybug : quiet and contemplative. manages the body's pain. unclear form, gender ... everything. very mysterious.
Budgie : empathetic and patient. the "mother" of the system. loves teaching and comforting people. a bit clingy.


Clarity : helps clear the mind, and allow passage in and out of mindscape. the system's "janitor".
Osmo : helps upload objects to mindscape, and manages the overall stability. the system's "constructor".
Percy : helps upload text to mindscape, and is always seen around Osmo. the system's "transcriber".

Host's Journal

Did some forcing practice today ! Also, the house planning is almost done. I'll probably hand it off to Osmo tomorrow, if I have time.

Here are some fun facts about each of the thoughtforms, that I learned during today's icebreaker session !

Junebug's favourite colour is green, and it is 1'6" tall ! If it could have a second form other than the one it already has (beetle), it would be a big dinosaur !

Budgie's favourite colour is orange-yellow, and she is 6'4" tall ! If she could have a second form other than the one it already has (teddy bear), she would be a toy mouse !

Funnybug's favourite colour is static, and <3 is 4'9" tall ! Even if <3 had the chance to have a second form other than the one <3 already has (animatronic), <3 would not have any other form.

Not much else to report, except I think development is progressing smoothly, if not quickly.

Cheers !

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