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"bored out of my fucking mind "
17 years old
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sneaking out fail :(

so last night i was going to a friends house at around 2:00 AM because i was extremely bored.

as i was going downstairs, he texted me asking if i could bring him a banana (he loves fruits) so naturally i went and grabbed him one. as i was deciding which banana to take, my phone that i was using as a flashlight decides to fall into MY CATS FOOD. it was extremely loud,, and i just completely froze knowing that it woke up my whole family.

i hear my parents waking up in their room and i rush over like "i'm so sorry i just dropped my phone go back to sleep" my dad opens the door and just sees me with the banana like ...
so i act like i came downstairs just to grab a banana to eat. i'm pretty sure he knows i hate bananas but he didn't say anything. i went back to my room and just finished the banana because why not

this part might sound weird but the entire night i had felt this terrible gut feeling that something bad was going to happen if i went. like every time i thought about it my heart would start racing like crazy. so i thought,, maybe by dropping my phone it was protecting me? i don't know lmao lmk what you guys think

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nostalgic that makes sense!! that would be such a great skill to have oh my god


thank you stocking :) maybe it was fate protecting me! yeah i should definitely have set a plan before. sometimes i get so excited that i completely forget about what could go wrong.


Perhaps you’re intuitive (; it’s possible the fall saved you from getting caught later in the morning or getting grounded lol


thats not weird I totally understand what you mean by the heart dropping feeling.
its good that you're safe tho, and it totally could have been fate protecting you :)
definitely be very careful in the future tho, make sure you let other friends know where you're going/set up a plan with the friend if you don't make it in a certain amount of time or respond in a certain amount of time if that makes sense


dreamints dont worry he wont find out!

0kicize yeah i'll definitely pay more attention in the future to it! sometimes i cant tell it apart from anxiety though

jaden i know i know :( im too impulsive for my own good and not cautious enough

Jaden Desmond

you would have got cough cough-19, that phone saved your life


yea maybe! i always try to listen to my intuition or be aware of things like that cause u never know, i wouldn't let it control my life or become paranoid but its always good to listen to ur gut <3


LMAO I hope he didn't find out:(