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"bored out of my fucking mind "
17 years old
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sneaking out fail :(

so last night i was going to a friends house at around 2:00 AM because i was extremely bored.

as i was going downstairs, he texted me asking if i could bring him a banana (he loves fruits) so naturally i went and grabbed him one. as i was deciding which banana to take, my phone that i was using as a flashlight decides to fall into MY CATS FOOD. it was extremely loud,, and i just completely froze knowing that it woke up my whole family.

i hear my parents waking up in their room and i rush over like "i'm so sorry i just dropped my phone go back to sleep" my dad opens the door and just sees me with the banana like ...
so i act like i came downstairs just to grab a banana to eat. i'm pretty sure he knows i hate bananas but he didn't say anything. i went back to my room and just finished the banana because why not

this part might sound weird but the entire night i had felt this terrible gut feeling that something bad was going to happen if i went. like every time i thought about it my heart would start racing like crazy. so i thought,, maybe by dropping my phone it was protecting me? i don't know lmao lmk what you guys think


a foggy thursday morning

so last night i decided that i was going to wake up at 4:30 AM today to go on a walk. i usually hate going on walks because i get anxious when cars drive by or when i run into other people.
when i woke up, i looked outside and the sky was so blue. like a really pretty dark blue that i'm usually not awake for lol. i felt extremely happy and excited



i decided to go to the bridge near my house! i've only discovered this spot recently when i went on a walk with a friend, so i wanted to come back to it. the river was extremely foggy. it's been pretty gloomy this past week so i expected it to be cloudy



i wasn't there for a long time because there were a few cars that kept driving by, so i just took this picture and started heading home. there was also a few benches that i'm definitely going to come back to, because there are barely any near where i live lmao



i ran into two rabbits on the way back!! i actually saw quite a few this morning. i love love love bunnies and rabbits so i'm very very happy.


im really surprised that i enjoyed it. it's so different being out in the early morning when the sun is rising and there isn't anyone around. definitely the highlight of my week so far!! thanks for reading <333333

( and thank you to jaden and coco for helping me with the images!! they are seriously the best )


music !!

favorite artists

eyedress / current joys / ruby haunt/ crystal castles/ rnie / gorgeous bully/ puzzle / enjoy / grimes / euphoria again / DIIV / tamaryn / negative gemini / wild nothing / this cold night / tempers / cold showers / the drums / soft kill / pity party / black marble / molchat doma / part time / jagger finn / hello yello / gap girls

favorite songs

please - jagger finn
i saw an angel - puzzle
always then - the KVB
cab deg - good morning
all she does is kill shit - the I.L.Y’s
yung and writhing - rew
bad baby - negative gemini
can’t run from pain - eyedress
ivy - ruby haunt
nothing lasts - bedroom
simpsonwave1995 - frankjavcee
new flesh - current joys
oblivion - grimes
lovers rock - TV girl
enjoy the silence - depeche mode


my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iovehobi

also here are some music websites i use!!

last fm
i use this site to track music i listen to and to find similar artists and songs

music roamer
really good for finding similar artists to ones you already like

spotalike (spotify)
enter a song and it'll make a pretty long playlist that has the same vibe

organize your music (spotify)
i love this one because it sorts out all of your songs by genre and shows statistics and stuff!


im very confused

shit some of ya'll are so talented with CSS and making cool text things its so hard for me to learn because i am not very smart but hopefully i'll learn one day. i also don't know what to blog about like is anyone gonna see this because maybe i could talk about like super personal things lmao