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"do no harm but take no shit"
69 years old
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bye for now lol

yea ik ive said this HUNDEREDS of times before
its just this place is starting to get over-crowded and i hardly talk to people on here, ive also been struggling to make new css i was happy with since last October so i just dont see any fun in it now...

ive been on here since before May of last year, around the beginning of lockdown in ireland, i "was doing" online school around then and i was only half way through my first year of secondary school so i wasnt really settled in and hardly found people i could be friends with,
i didnt have a laptop so css was hard but i managed, if i wasnt sleeping i was messing around on Windows 93, trollbox and here were the most used,
i made plenty friends on trollbox that are also on here (Trkyle, Jaden Desmond) and they were realy the people who made me feel like this was a good area to make more friends and contribute to.

around July, which was my birthday i got a laptop and decided to make a CSS server with a few people i had never interacted with that i liked the css of, they were Unknown fox, weebman, dominic and jaden desmond, the server was good and its still up but its kinda dead

eventually i had made more friends from here mostly via discord and even got a place in toms top fwiends in September (which im very grateful for), if im being honest i dont think id be as happy or well in the head as i am now if i wernt for this place and the people on here, it gave me a hobby, friends, a new thing to teach and learn, im really thankful for the random button site for taking me to this place all those months ago otherwise id be in a much worse state..

my css, bio, blogs, ect. will stay up as long as i want them
ill come back on if the thought arises, but it wont be much
i might come back on for the account anniversary on May 10th...
my discord server is where ill be more active,
my name on there as of now is Earl Gray T.#8532 , if you wanna talk with me or keep in contact thats where i am
twitter, tumblr ect. stuff like that yada-yada ill be on aswell yall heard all that before lol
and yea.. thats it... well.. i guess ill see you all later then...
love you all sm - Keihaku <3

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hope to talk to you again <3 take care