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future css ideas

none of these will be done for a while so hang tight lovelies
this blog will be continuously updated as my brain begins to function

• Cosmic Candy •
so ive fallen in love with The Orion Experiences' music (mostly the cover for the album tho)
and i like that so im gonna make one based off their album, Cosmic Candy cus that has my favorite song in it :)
(this may not happen as i was kicked from their discord server with no reason and i am quite angry and very petty and will let this get in the way of me liking their music)

• Splatoon/ Splatoon2 •
good game, pointy ears and noises make brain go :)
might do something around the theme

• some goth shit idk •
idk found a good stuff on tumblr id like to use
eh kinda an idea...

• Another Pokemon One •
i didnt like my old "DreamSpace" one and it was one of my first css things so yea
ill remake it perhaps

• FrogSpace •
lets bring "the frog dealer" back
ill remake that old sucky css and itll be cool B)

• OC based •
i got alota ocs
Kei being my main boio
i like to show love to them and i may make a pink/purple demon css for his birthday that i missed

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omg i love all of them especially cosmicandy

Unknown Fox

do oc based

broski the 50th

frógey sound nice...

the cosmicandy one sounds like it could be cool ngl


i dont know what the frog one is but it sound cool