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"do no harm but take no shit"
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school stuff on Myspace ayoo

i managed to convince my maths teacher to let me do my maths cba (classroom based assessment) on the topic of myspace
all i have to do is make graphs on the profiles (age, css, country, ect.) that are online at certain times
in the end ill get the most common type of person that is online

might even share with yall what i get
if i even finish it
it has to be like..... 5 pages long :/

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thingys i like :]

i havent made a nice blog in a while so here
things i think that are neat :]

horror games
instant noodles
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye
trying new artstyles
reading up on plants
pokemon & fakemon
gashapon keychains
videos of animals making silly noises
biblically accurate angles
fan-made games of games i like
drawing my silly little queer/pos babys
magpies and rooks
coming up with silly nicknames for myself
and those little life diary vids people make of their pets :]


Tea Party invite <3

(yes this is a repost shhh)

ive made a new server now that TODS is down
it already has a few of the W93 myspace people on it and its quite lively
it has color & pronoun roles, info and art dumps and lots of bots and shit like that

still open for ideas for it and as of no im looking for mods <3
link is here^

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wootwoot sick of this

sayin it real public like

im sick of seeing people who wont bother to do their own css or learn it

so in the future im gonna pull a koala71783, and just take the add button away

also id like to add the note here, also cus its a tad far down on my bio for people to see first

PLEASE DONT ADD ME IF YOU HAVE NSFW (gore, softcore porn, sexual stuff/speak) ON YOUR PAGE
Im a literal child, please chill the fuck out.
these things also goes for people who have pornographic animes that have minors in them referenced anywhere in their profile, that means profile pictures too, joke or not im still not cool with it.
also for people who call themselves a Fujoshi or loli/shota , it makes me very uncomfortable

also fucking credit the person who made your css base in your bios ffs


Q&A answers πŸ₯΅

Q&A is still up if u wanna ask

TheHungryPumpkin, Q: do you like pizza? if so what are your favorite toppings?
A: Yea pizza pretty swag, love me a good meat lovers or pineapple and ham one :]

Bill, Q: what do you think of valve games in general
A: Ive only ever grown up with a DS and a Xbox360 so ive never played any, however i do have a fondness for games like Portal and Half-life cus youtube, ive never been a fan of realistic or violent games but they have really good and interesting games

broski the 50th, Q: you're allowed to obtain knowledge of ONE universal mystery (whether we're alone in space, what happens after death, what life means, etc.) which one would you like to know
A: what the after life is like, its one of the things that is on my mind alot! its something that no one can ever report back on and all the depictions of it are meh, ghost, hell, meeting god, reincarnation, all of them sound cool but if i could know anything it surely that.. or shrimp colors..

The SkullZ, Q: What are your favourite things to draw?
A: myself, keihaku(oc), game characters, pokemon, eyes, friends.

LvUrFR3NZ, Q: You see a chair inside a room. You then close the door to the room. How do you know the chair is still in the room?
A: well if there isnt any way for something /someone to enter or exit the room then theres a higher possibly of the chair not changing at all.

emonighhtmre, Q: what is your favorite reptile?
A: Chameleons! they have such cool skeletons!

Harrison, Q: if you could have the sequel to ANYTHING teleported from the future into YOUR hands right now what would it be
A: sex 2 😎... or perhaps zelda BOTW 2 cus im impatient

Salamni :P, Q: if you could hug anyone from real life to in an anime or something, who would it be?

rukia, Q: favorite horror game ?
A: forever and always will be Silent Hill 2

Loserman, Q: What are your favorite pages on here?
A: a few that come to mind are y2khoney, css, airi, gamzeemakara (old page), Everett Feldt IV, xXSplitXX, Harrison, jeevil, llilywebskateboarder and The SkullZ


Q&A?? perhaps 😳😳

seeing alot of stuff about q and a's on the newspage
(i think user Kar1sB$wag started it? correct me if im wrong)
and i think it will be fun :]
im aware that most of ye who talk or look at my blog know me already but eh... who knows
it might pull in new people to talk to
anyway! this blog is gonna be the asking and ill make another for answers, like other people did, ye know!
(note: i save all the questions as i get them so theres no problem commenting after 10)


Happy Paddys Day!!

i have class off today so im gonna actually go outside cus i have time!!!
im gonna get a doughnut 😌

uhhhhh the parades are off again so im not gonna be doin that
soon the snakes will come back..... lmao

ye ye thats it :]
have a nice Saint Patrick's day, i love ye all


Its Paddy, not Patty

(this is purely me being Irish as fuck, im not mad just fucking confused)

what the fuck are yall doin callin it Saint Pattys day...
first of all.. there isnt a sinner in this country that would call it Pattys day.
patty is somethin you call a burger... not some fella....
second of all... Paddy and Patrick come from the irish word PΓ‘draig (Paw dri g)
its always been Paddys day

bloody hell....