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20 years old
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vax, friends, piercings

hey hotties thotties and notties,

i'm finally. finally getting vaccinated on tuesday im soooooo excited also i haven't seen anyone in almost a month and i'm meeting a friend on monday everything's starting to go right i hope things start feeling real again!! i have no clue what to wear it's so fucking hot

anyway so i rly want another piercing like maybe a helix?? an orbital conch thing??? but also i'm so sick of not bleaching my roots (peroxide bad) and having my hair up all the time (i got my tragus pierced again last month and i got the piercing changed a couple days ago so it still has to stay up at all times) and i wanna go swimming eventually i can't just....... keep getting piercings ig....... but like.... more piercings............ and it takes like 5 minutes and doesn't hurt much and also it's so fun and also my piercers r like the kindest ppl ever...... idk

if i decide i want a piercing what do yall think i should get? i have two on each lobe, a septum, a nostril and a tragus. idk i kinda want more on my ears also i really don't want surface piercings or anything around my mouth they scare me <3

thanks 4 reading pls give me ideas i can't think

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