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20 years old
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hello cool and sexy people i have a confession

as i am Very Stressed and also Very Gay i am attempting focaccia bread. focaccia is a sexy looking bread in my very correct opinion and also it's an easy bread for my first breadmaking experience. the recipe has "easiest" in the title. easy bread. good plan.

except it wasn't easy because i cannot pay attention for more than 2 seconds and i had the wrong ratio of flour to water because i used very different cups for some reason. i know how to bake i love to bake i make good pie dough (which is hard) i should know not to use two very different cups what the fuck

so anyway i had to add a lot of extra flour (i am out of flour now) and it's resting in the fridge and i am terrified it won't be good because all of my self worth for the next couple of weeks is heavily dependant on this bread being good. update tomorrow because that's when i can bake it.

if i make shit bread my kool title may be revoked dear bread please be good thanks

ps: this is the recipe: https://alexandracooks.com/2018/03/02/overnight-refrigerator-focaccia-best-focaccia/

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kemik ur sooooooooooo segsy n kool lets kiss


i have some bad news im sorry but unfortunately it's physically impossible for you to do something that is not swag :( you are not able to do that sorry your swag is too strong