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got my driver's license

the other day i passed my behind-the-wheel test (really easy, didn't even have to parallel park), and i got my driver's license. first try too. i'm really a Real Adult™ now.

i had a tough instructor, some old Vietnamese guy that my family is acquainted with. i actually nearly broke down and stated tearing up during one session with him, i was messing up so often and guy kept yelling and hassling me every time i did lmao. i'm still too sensitive to people yelling at me and it was just making me mess up harder, so. doesn't matter, the next time i was a lot better, and now i don't have to see him again anyways. then the guy who tests me at the DMV literally says at the beginning, "i don't like talking, so you don't say anything while you drive, and i don't say anything except tell you to turn." understandable i guess, didn't make for a pleasant experience, but not an unpleasant one either

some more drama has sprung up with a particular user that i've known about since i first made an account here. that's interesting. happy for everyone that that's all resolved.

yeah i don't know, i just wanted to make a blog post on here today for the hell of it, show that i'm still around. soon i think i'm gonna try messaging active people here, i'm so bored lately and i don't get that much out of this site rn lmao

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congrats!! :D


I have to go through driving school and get through that too, everybody's so stern with me and I'm so sensitive so we will see how that goes. Happy for you!!