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18 years old
United States
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🎉birthday and other things

it was my birthday about a week ago, since October 1st i've been 18 years old

i'd post like a bunch of crappy gifs or animations of balloons and party related things but i'm tired🎉🎈🎊🎃
now i'm an adult and i have to do epic adult things

anyways here's a wall of text about my samey life that no one here cares about

i'm almost finished building my ddr pad, so i'm gonna get sweaty and grind stepmania soon

i'm in university now since the beginning of October, i'm actually typing this out during a zoom meeting haha so boring and so many assignments due soon

i decided to log on here randomly today and i heard about jaden desmond leaving the site, i never talked to him or interacted but i knew he was kind of a celebrity here. his farewell blogs made me realize how little of this site and community i've really experienced, i haven't talked to anyone here personally cause i suck at reaching out to people (turanksulol did talk to me a little on discord but i guess nothing's happened since May and that's it honestly in terms of people from here :/), i was only good at appreciating people's pages really haha

i feel a little lonely lately honestly cause i don't talk to anyone much anymore but ehhhhh whatever, i already have friends and discord communities so it's not like it's impossible for me to feel less lonely right now, i just have to make time for them and take the initiative and i struggle with that so

so yeah idk, maybe i could use this time to focus on myself and school

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