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  1. Godzilla vs Kong (2021)
    I remember seeing Godzilla 2014 with my cousins and thinking it was really cool. At the time I had zero knowledge of Godzilla and I only liked it because big lizard killed weird bugs. Then I watched Kong: Skull Island and thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen (which I still kinda do). King of the Monsters was also a really fun watch, so I was extremely hyped for Monke vs Lizard. Then it came out, and it was even better than I was expecting. For the first time in any of the Legendary Godzilla films, I actually kinda cared about the human stuff. The acting was really good, but I do feel like some character development was cut from the film pretty late into development. The CGI was absolutely breathtaking. Kong's wet and matted hair, Godzilla's massive stature and super detailed dorsal plates, and everything about Mecha Godzilla. I also thought that the fight scenes were really cool, because the fight in the ocean was something I had never seen in a movie (felt like that one episode of Eva if Im being honest) and it really played to Godzilla's strengths. The fight in the city was filled with neon lights and became a jungle of steel and concrete that Kong could swing through. Then the tag team on Mecha Godzilla was really cool to watch. Overall the movie is just really fun to watch and has some of the best CGI in any movie I have every seen. The story is mediocre, but who cares? It is a monster movie. Solid 7/10 from me

  2. Spider man: into the spiderverse
    Real quick review, because everyone knows that this movie is good. ItSV is fucking beautiful. The lighting, the animation, the cell shaded aesthetic. It is honestly a little too good. It makes a lot of other animated movies look a little worse in terms of visuals. The writing is exquisite and some of lines are comedy fucking gold. The VAs do an amazing job with line delivery and the writers are great at setting the jokes up. Of course there are some solid one-liners, but most of the comedy comes from jokes that requires context, timing, and visuals. I think that the character variety is awesome. You have a pig, an anime girl, and Nicholas Cage. Somehow, all these characters are visually distinctive and are super well animated. The characters each come with a gag of their own. Miles and Gwen had their awkward teen romance, Peter's gag was the irony of a chubby and depressed spiderman, Spider ham was a pig and used wacky cartoon physics, Noire was Nicholas Cage and saw in black and white (Rubik's cube joke), and Penni Parker was just anime weeb shit. While not every joke or line lands perfectly, there are still so many fucking great jokes and lines, that the bad ones fade out of your memory very quickly. Easiest 10/10 Ill ever give.

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I was gonna yell at you to do more reviews as your reviews are gold but I came back to a new review, so thank you and keep up the good work
Also please post more reviews I love reading them :3


But is there rule 34 for Godzilla Vs Kong?


I got LoL last night btw and yea it does have R34


UPDATE: i watched godzilla vs kong yestrday and OMFG it was SOOO GOOD!! not a single moment in that movie was lackin


im gna watch zilla vs kong soon!!


Watched GVK a week or so ago, and I must say, fantastic CGI! It was a fairly good movie, with the exception of the story (my favourite part was the deaf Polynesian girl who understood English). I thought that the logic behind most of it was lacking (ah yes, the axe is on fire so now it can do around 15x the damage to a robot than it did previously), but I think it's a fun movie overall! I'd say a 7/10 is a good mark for it.

I feel they could've done more with Ren Serizawa, but in retrospect, I believe

broski the 50th

yessss zilla vs kong was so good, the fights looked phenomenal and the human parts didn't take away from the main appeal of the movie, which is commendable. you compared the ocean fight with a scene from eva, which reminded me that the director of eva actually worked on a godzilla movie! it's called shin godzilla, have you heard of it?