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"CEO of being a dumbass"
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If you people don't know this piece of shit, he harassed me and, like, 60 other women (not an exaggeration). He apologized to the people a little while ago, but then immediately went after me. Here is about 2/3 of the comment that he didn't allow me to post on his page, because his fragile little ego would snap if people saw it. Have a link to his page https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=5342

You manipulate your way into someones life, then you guilt trip them into staying with you, then when they leave you make a shitty apology so that you can gather sympathy. I'm finally happy and with someone I really like, and when I tried to tell you the news, you just said that we couldn't be friends anymore and removed me from your top. You can try to say that you were not talking to me only because you wanted a relationship, but your actions say otherwise. When we first started talking I was coming off of a bad breakup, and you slid in and started trying to get with me, even though I told you that we were going way to fast and that I wasn't really in a good spot. You just kept pressing. There is a 99% chance you won't approve this, because then people will know that you haven't changed at all.
You need to grow up and actually think about why people dislike you. You cannot just sit here and say "everyone hates me even though I did nothing wrong". If everyone hates you then you probably fucked up. Its not the victims fault if they don't trust you anymore. Sorry that you don't have fucking morals and think you can just weasel your way into a girls heart. You refuse to stop when people say that they are uncomfortable and when people say that they don't wanna be around you anymore, you suddenly have some horrible thing happen to you. Then you tell them how depressed you are and that you want to kill yourself. Act like a fucking man and don't try to guilt trip women, so that you can get your dick wet. At least take some responsibility for your damn actions.

There is someone else who had a shitty experience with this ass hat. His name is Gerberbabiez, and Jxoredo, no, Dallas tried to harass him. He let Dallas know that he was already in a happy and healthy relationship. Dallas then sent suicidal messages, then faked a suicide attempt in a desperate bid to sway Gerb into dating him. Gerb is one of the nicest people I know, and his bf CrimsonBeaver is so nice as well. Im constantly asking myself "how he can go any lower?", but then I turn a corner and find out it is even worse than I thought.

edit 1 - He just blocked my new bf for just existing. Mans is really fuckin mad lmao
edit 2 - He is asking me to leave him alone. What a poor little smol boy, he did nothing wrong. Sorry but you did this to me first
edit 3 - He is starting to delete blogs. I made sure to save his "apology" blog in case he deletes it.
BIG EDIT - So Dallas has started committing self harm. I really don't know what to do. Is he fucking with me, if not is it my fault? I don't know what to do. If anyone knows what to do please tell me.
edit 4 - Im compiling a lovely google doc of shit he has done. Im probably gonna submit it to Tom once I have enough stuff. If anyone would like to contribute and give me some extra ammo just DM me.

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slightly unrelated but here are some (real) good joe redo quotes:

<Jxoredo> hi c-cutie

<Jxoredo> d-do you like it when guys moan?

<Jxoredo> i mean in pornhub there's a piss category
<Jxoredo> i kinda watch that just for fun

<Jxoredo> no one is even here
<Jxoredo> this is sad
<Jxoredo> or maybe my wifi isn’t working

  • Jxoredo left
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    <Jxoredo> hello
    <Jxoredo> is it working
    <Jxoredo> someone

im sorry this happened to u and ur friend :( glad u called him out though and made everyone aware


i totally agree with you, when he added me he was super weird with me as well as saying weird things to me. Later he would get angry if I didn't answer him when I was online trying to manipulate me emotionally saying that he had no friends and that I hated him for not answering him lmao and in the end he blocked me for not answering.


hello, gerb (gerberbabie/z) here. hank you for calling him out, i really hope that he stops this shitty behavior, no one else deserves to fucking talk to this man. he needs to grow up now, and at this point apologies won't do the trick. he needs to step away from the internet for a long, long time, and think about what he's done to other people. i'm so sorry that you and so many others have had to go through this. you're such an amazing person, sarah, and i'm so happy for you for standing up for himself


i’m so fucking over him.. i’ve tried so hard to talk to him regularly and give him the support he needs but “i’ve changed” means nothing to me anymore. i have NEVER met anyone like him before. i really hope this will be one last wake up call to tom to ban him permanently. dallas doesn’t deserve a platform and he shouldn’t even have one in the first place. he’s just so insecure and i don’t think he’ll ever get over himself at this rate. is he not embarrassed?

Kono dio da

I had another account and tried to be friends with him because I thought he possibly changed. [ haha he hasn't obvi ]
He fucking guilt-tripped me so much everytime we chatted he said something fucking "sad" and told me how he barely had friends and told me about him wanting to khs at some point I believe.
He guilt trips people to keep them with him and I'm mad I fell for that shit - we barely talked but what he said to me during the time we talked was all him talking abt how sad his life was


AbyssSoda calling out an incel weeb? based


this piece of shit will get what he deserves


damn..... i am actually kinda thinking on my thoughts rn