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Red's Private Journal 6/17

I just had the most realistic dream (more like memory, since it felt like deja vu). I was back in that god-awful chair next to Grape, L.L., Cherry, Orange, and Raspberry when Perkins came into the room. It was my turn.
He was in a good mood. After rebranding, and switching from liquid to powder, our sales were up. Even the poorest families of the ’30s were buying Kool-Ade (soon switched to Kool-Aid) for their children. I preferred the liquid. It hurt a lot less.
I struggled in the beginning, and although it never got easier, we soon realized that there was no use in fighting. The others watched me in pity, but also fear, knowing that their turn would soon come.
I was the most popular flavor. Although it hurt, it also meant I was safe. Raspberry was the least popular flavor, and we all knew that if sales did not go up, they would be replaced.

There was no true safety though because, in the end, we were all replaceable.

“Good job, you all, especially you, Red.” He smiled like a little boy.
Red was his nickname for me because even though Raspberry was the same color as me, I always bled the most.
I woke up.

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