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"Oh yeah!™"
46 years old
United States
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Red's Private Journal 5/25

As I was making sure no misinformation was being spread about me, I read an article that referred to my lifespan, saying, "Sure, it's a red, skinless form that's vulnerable to infection and will die soon, but that liquid would be the Kool-Aid Man ... Because if he's the liquid, then he's losing parts of his body, which is disturbing.”
I guess that I had always just assumed that since I wasn't exactly human, I wouldn't die. I have never really thought about it before. Knowing that I was superior was good enough. But now I wonder if I am losing parts of my body as I speak? Who am I? If I die, will I go to human heaven? Is there a god? Am I even real?
Maybe this is a mid-life crisis. (Is this the middle of my life? Am I halfway done already? Have I peaked?)
Luckily, someone responded to our job listing. The 'interviews' always make me feel a little better. Even if I don't know who I am, I do know one thing. Someone dressing up in a costume, pretending to be me, is a dishonor to everyone. The boy wrote us saying he "had experience as a voice actor" and had "no problem 'kicking a door down'." How pathetic. As if that's all it takes. He'll regret this soon.
I'm going to start recalling my dreams here, so I don't keep forgetting them.

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Man I love Milfs


how foolish of you. Koolaid man is the essense of all evil. Koolaid man has no afterlife. just eternal void, nothingness, an empty medium for infinite lifetimes. For the Koolaid man, life does not exist past the breif flash of mortal consciousness, that we call existance. Spend your seconds well, Koolaid man. We WILL meet again...


damn that's deep km but agreed, life's hard, at least you don't go to therapy or smth 🤝 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗺𝗲/hj