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"キツネ キツネ ワタシハ メギツネ"
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triggers or whatever

Hi guys so I've been wondering lately whether my page might be distressing to some of you
Ik there's no crazy gore or blood everywhere but I also know that some ppl can have fear of needles & I've seen quite a few folks on myspace who rly hate loud metal tracks on other users pages
so just lemme know if smth on my profile makes u feel uncomfy and I'll change it ❤


I tried to do sum rokku gyaru makeup today cuz I'm gonna need it 4 my Misa cosplay & it was very fun, although it did not look very pleasing lol if u know any gyaru gals that I should check out link me their social media in da coments ❤ oh, and I thought, maybe I should try to upload here sum makeup step-by-step tutorials? I make them 4 our beginner makeup groupchat anyway, so I can share them w u guys, ofc if u'd be interested

Besides that I've made new music discovery and here it is: artist-Tim Skold, genre-industrial metal (?)

I'm also nearly done w reading "Alice through the looking glass" gotta watch the Tim Burton movies one more time owo

That's it 4 today I think, take care xoxo

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