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Mikan Tsumiki Cosplay

Hello Hello
I've finally edited pics from a cosplay night w my bestie <3 He was dressed as Ibuki Mioda
I don't play Danganronpa or anything but he's rly into it lol maybe I'll watch a gameplay when I have time


Speaking about cosplay, my Misa Amane wig will be here in June! can't wait to cosplay my waifu lol (she so damn pretty)

Besides that I'm done w my finals so I'm officially out of highschool now. Not going to school feels weird lol maybe I'll try to get a job (not easy these days) & I'll start selling clay earring online soon, if I'm luchy

new shows: started watching Soul Eater, the fanservice is very... weird? like out of nowhere ;-; but I'm inerested in what's gonna happend next so I'll keep watching
I also watched 1st ep of True Detective & it's real fine, I love crime shows w a bit of humor & philosophy in the background

That's all I guess lol wish me luch w my jewellery business! take care xoxo

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I LOVE THIS COSPLAY AND THE EDITING i look forward to ur misa cosplay!!! btw yeah the fanservice is weird but crona is the best character that has ever existed like they're a nonbinary character in an anime made in 2008......ahead of their time
and gl w your jewelery!!!