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"キツネ キツネ ワタシハ メギツネ"
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triggers or whatever

Hi guys so I've been wondering lately whether my page might be distressing to some of you
Ik there's no crazy gore or blood everywhere but I also know that some ppl can have fear of needles & I've seen quite a few folks on myspace who rly hate loud metal tracks on other users pages
so just lemme know if smth on my profile makes u feel uncomfy and I'll change it ❤


I tried to do sum rokku gyaru makeup today cuz I'm gonna need it 4 my Misa cosplay & it was very fun, although it did not look very pleasing lol if u know any gyaru gals that I should check out link me their social media in da coments ❤ oh, and I thought, maybe I should try to upload here sum makeup step-by-step tutorials? I make them 4 our beginner makeup groupchat anyway, so I can share them w u guys, ofc if u'd be interested

Besides that I've made new music discovery and here it is: artist-Tim Skold, genre-industrial metal (?)

I'm also nearly done w reading "Alice through the looking glass" gotta watch the Tim Burton movies one more time owo

That's it 4 today I think, take care xoxo

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Lil Clothing Haul

Hello hello guys ❤

Summer just started & I hope it won't be so terribly hot this year >_< It's also just 2 months left to my bday, hopefully someone will come this time lol (;-;)

I managed to finally go to a nearby big town w my mum & buy some nice stuff

Monki is my fav shop, I hradly ever buy stuff from them tho, cuz most of it ain't my style ^^" but they have some good quality jeans

Besides that I've started my 1st job today (yaaay) & I'm still watching Soul Eater (I want to cosplay half of the characters at this point jhkhhkjk)

I wish u nice summer break guys, xoxoxo


Mikan Tsumiki Cosplay

Hello Hello
I've finally edited pics from a cosplay night w my bestie <3 He was dressed as Ibuki Mioda
I don't play Danganronpa or anything but he's rly into it lol maybe I'll watch a gameplay when I have time


Speaking about cosplay, my Misa Amane wig will be here in June! can't wait to cosplay my waifu lol (she so damn pretty)

Besides that I'm done w my finals so I'm officially out of highschool now. Not going to school feels weird lol maybe I'll try to get a job (not easy these days) & I'll start selling clay earring online soon, if I'm luchy

new shows: started watching Soul Eater, the fanservice is very... weird? like out of nowhere ;-; but I'm inerested in what's gonna happend next so I'll keep watching
I also watched 1st ep of True Detective & it's real fine, I love crime shows w a bit of humor & philosophy in the background

That's all I guess lol wish me luch w my jewellery business! take care xoxo

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New CSS & life update

Hello owo
I gave up on trying to learn codes & just used a premade css (made by sophie link on my page in "about me") it turned out so cute! I love cutesy medical stuff uwu

new anime: I started watching Bakuman, it's obviously directed towards men, it hurts my eyes sometimes lol Do you know any animes similar to Death Note or Sk8 The Infinity (this show is free therapy ngl)? lemme know in the comments!

new music: started listening to Korn recently, very fun, I recommend <3

life update: My finals started today, finally ^^" I'm not rly worried tbh, ik I'll pass lol looking forward to my polish exam, hopefully they won't come up w some crazy essay topic
aaaaand I failed my driving test
I hate it I get so stressed to the point that I'm literally shaking, even the guy who was in the car w me got worried lol
I'm planning a picnic w my bestie, it'll be pink-black themed! o3o I'm so excited! would you guys want to see some pics?
I'm not rly sad that high school is over :/ but I managed to befriend one classmate over these 3 years so that's cool (she's a nail tech, check out my frog nails! owo)
Sadly I won't be able to move out after high school, I have to stay w my family sob sob they want me to study 4 becoming an english teacher, so I'll probably just stick to that (not what I want but whatever)

question 4 u <3: what are your plans 4 summer vacation?


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Drawing <3

Hello hello o3o
I hardly ever draw anything tbh but recently I thought to myself "Bunny! you either get your ass up and turn your negative emotions into art or you'll end up like Emma Bovary!" And I'm not planning to poison myself so here's the drawing ^^"
The title "słowotok" means a tendency to be over-talkative
I often feel like I talk way to much & overshare constantly so that's what I tried to picture, not sure if it's true or if that's just my brain telling me to shut up all the time lol
Now I'll edit it digitally & get it printed on a tshirt owo gonna get that menhera fashion vent art fit <3


life update + my dream tattoos

𝕳𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖔 𝖔𝖜𝖔
This is a vent post kinda so might be lil boring sorry ;;
So um yea... how is y'alls life goin? I've been feeling not the best lately haha~ my parents think I have a cold or sum like no Kate, I sleep 12h a day cuz I don't want to face reality ^^" School is killing me, feels like a waste of time :/ glad my finals are soon (3 weeks?) Aaaand I failed my 1st driving exam so yea that's great for sure ;-; It makes me feel guilty that my parents spend so much money on my driving lessons & still turn out to be a disappointment haha..
The weather is getting warmer day by day, maybe I'll take my bestie for a picnic ^ one of those aesthetically pleasing ones you see on pinterest and tiktok uwu I'm so happy to have him, I'd go crazy otherwise I'm sure ^^"
Last but not least: ~fairy animal tats~ I love them! so cuteee! I want these on my neck or back one day <3
That's all bbye xoxo <3

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