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"キツネ キツネ ワタシハ メギツネ"
18 years old
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New CSS & life update

Hello owo
I gave up on trying to learn codes & just used a premade css (made by sophie link on my page in "about me") it turned out so cute! I love cutesy medical stuff uwu

new anime: I started watching Bakuman, it's obviously directed towards men, it hurts my eyes sometimes lol Do you know any animes similar to Death Note or Sk8 The Infinity (this show is free therapy ngl)? lemme know in the comments!

new music: started listening to Korn recently, very fun, I recommend <3

life update: My finals started today, finally ^^" I'm not rly worried tbh, ik I'll pass lol looking forward to my polish exam, hopefully they won't come up w some crazy essay topic
aaaaand I failed my driving test
I hate it I get so stressed to the point that I'm literally shaking, even the guy who was in the car w me got worried lol
I'm planning a picnic w my bestie, it'll be pink-black themed! o3o I'm so excited! would you guys want to see some pics?
I'm not rly sad that high school is over :/ but I managed to befriend one classmate over these 3 years so that's cool (she's a nail tech, check out my frog nails! owo)
Sadly I won't be able to move out after high school, I have to stay w my family sob sob they want me to study 4 becoming an english teacher, so I'll probably just stick to that (not what I want but whatever)

question 4 u <3: what are your plans 4 summer vacation?


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