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Portrait of Dorian Gray 1968

Ok I just wanna write a review of that movie and I know you prolly won't watch it but IDC


Wtf, I mean it's a good movie but why are all the scenes mixed, per example in the book Dorian kills and then acts really disoriented, but in the movie he meets James then he is disoriented and then he kills. I quess that makes sense but like buh.

Dorian looks good, even if I won't call the actor "angel:tm:" and the hair is supposed to be longer. But I think this was inspired by beauty standards in Russia at that time.

The way the portrait changes is fine, at least he doesn't have rotten skin like in 2009 movie. The movie from 2009 has like this dramatic ending where they try to make Dorian look good, but here we just get like an almost silent scene just stabs portrait "agh!" falls. Also I didn't get to see the killing scene wth and also there were no scene where Alan comes to despose the body.

The script differenciates from the book sometimes but I think it's okay and I think in the scene where lady Narboro talks with Henry and Dorian about how many husbands Farol had, they make a russian joke.

Over all movie good, but book better

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