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"𝕳𝖎! it's me! your dear merchant!"
16 years old
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How do I youtube?

Okay, I've a youtube channel for a while but how do I
How do I get the money doe?

I guess it's because I don't have my credit card linked to my account or smth, or maybe it's because my videos are few seconds short and like almost nobody watches them beside my friends. I was thinking about making a let's play channel where me and my friend play minecraft and steal credit cards from some children's parents, but sadly I will forget about this in few hours, because I'm a lazy and forgetful af.

I can't get anything done, because I never start doing it. Anyway it would be fun if I could actually become a famous minecraft let's player (I am not good at mc btw), who scams kids (THIS IS A JOKE, DON'T CANCEL ME) and gets mone, maybe I would even be on some smp and have cool lore. I actually made my own mc skin so feelin pog.

  • Markey the Wannabe Minecraft Let's Player
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