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"𝕳𝖎! it's me! your dear merchant!"
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Am I a 𝖋𝖚𝖗𝖗𝖞?

As you know, in my bio it says "I am not a furry, but I appreciate their work" and that is true.

So today, I spoke to a furry fella. The thing is, I drew a couple furry drawings before, so the guy said that I might be a furry in denial. I said I am not a furry but it made me question my life.

Am I? Am I a furry?

No, it can't be. Even if I sometimes like to look at fursuits and appreciate the work that got put into them. Even if I am subscribed to couple furry artists. I just appreciate the artwork!

I am not a furry, I am just into the art culture, not the furry culture. Am I not doe? Am I not into the furry culture? I am into it kinda I guess. So am i a furry?


Nah, I'm not, lmao

  • Markey The Not Furry
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