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"I will bust in your kneecaps"
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PSA + what is going on?

So i leave myspace for a hot minute to do dumb human stuff that i legally have to do and I come back to hear about hate pages, stuff that’s been going around myspace and I’m just sitting here like o•o

Anyways ::

I don’t condone people (especially minors) having carrds. That’s some dangerous shit that people can use to mess with you. Just saying for the record. That’s why I don’t have one personally
Saying dni if you’re ____ doesn’t stop those people from interacting. It may even antagonize them to interact, harass, bully, etc. The best thing to do is to just block them if you see things you don’t want to see, and if they post harmful things (like terfs or nazi’s) then report them to Tom as well.
Any form of self-diagnosis is an immediate no go for me. If you haven’t been properly diagnosed on anything then you can’t say you have it. Imma leave it at that.
Lastly I just wanna know what happened while I was gone. Like I read Jaden’s blog and was kinda lost but did agree with him on the matter of DA’s and stuff. But I am genuinely curious, that’s all

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