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"I will bust in your kneecaps"
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Room tour!!

I made a video with a general gist of my room :))


Also shoutout to my Gloomy Bear that I forgot to include in the video


And here’s me :))


Edit: i just realized my myspace url has 420 on it


I’m back!!

Hi there!
I haven’t been here for a while (;_)
I’ll update more when school finally ends (10th) and when I get a very special bear!! I’m so excited for it.
Also I loved Bo Burnham’s latest special! I am collaborating with artists for something related so that’s pretty cool :))
I also did a game jam using mspaint while I was gone
I took my finals
And my hair has gotten ridiculously long enough to cover my eyes.


Kinda like a before and after picture.
Also, I redecorated my room again. I think you can tell.

Well, I hope everyone who reads this has a great day :))



I'm kinda upset not gonna lie;
I'm part of Markiplier's members and I didn't get to the [redacted] or anything because I just joined today so i was browsing the bake sale he advertised. i go on tumblr and see spoilers upon spoilers of it and at first it didn't bother me but now it's just kinda making me sad.
Members have special rules such as to not screenshot and post them around the internet because it can spoil the surprise of others, especially with how fast things travel on the internet. I know [redacted] seems like not a big deal to anyone but I really needed the happy dose of chemicals in my brain to motivate me to get work done, which is why I got the membership too. It would really help me because as much as I have [redacted] with the image I'm working towards to get I can't afford to have [redacted] and it just makes me feel better seeing the euphoria of the finished result. That's' all.
Just upsetty spaghetti.

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Hi again!!

Hi :))

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PSA + what is going on?

So i leave myspace for a hot minute to do dumb human stuff that i legally have to do and I come back to hear about hate pages, stuff that’s been going around myspace and I’m just sitting here like o•o

Anyways ::

I don’t condone people (especially minors) having carrds. That’s some dangerous shit that people can use to mess with you. Just saying for the record. That’s why I don’t have one personally
Saying dni if you’re ____ doesn’t stop those people from interacting. It may even antagonize them to interact, harass, bully, etc. The best thing to do is to just block them if you see things you don’t want to see, and if they post harmful things (like terfs or nazi’s) then report them to Tom as well.
Any form of self-diagnosis is an immediate no go for me. If you haven’t been properly diagnosed on anything then you can’t say you have it. Imma leave it at that.
Lastly I just wanna know what happened while I was gone. Like I read Jaden’s blog and was kinda lost but did agree with him on the matter of DA’s and stuff. But I am genuinely curious, that’s all

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So uh... don't use font-size 0px on

.blog... trust me


Css Work is....work

I did do a lot today (surprisingly haha) :)). It might be because I was escaping AP work but hey, what's new?


My newest obsession :))

drum roll please............................
It's also a bit weird, considering I've been watching him for literal years (who hasn't at least heard of him though right?!?!) but it's only been like a month or so that I've actually been invested in him; like watching all his videos, re-watching old ones, and actually drawing/painting him!! Fun Fact: Before this year, I've only drawn Markiplier once, and that was his Roblox video when he had Amy's rose tinted sunglasses with the heart on them.
I've also kinda just felt that Mark was relatable.... so I guess I'm really happy that I've been painting him :)) but also at the same time I find Ethan to be just as relatable as Mark. Sometimes I just rewatch unus annus compliations haha :))
If someone wants to see the Mark art then I'll be happy to post it, but some of it (2 of my paintings) is like... creepy and probably triggering to some people so I won't post those without proper warnings :))

Happy early valentines day to all the single pringles and the couples :))

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