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I'm kinda upset not gonna lie;
I'm part of Markiplier's members and I didn't get to the [redacted] or anything because I just joined today so i was browsing the bake sale he advertised. i go on tumblr and see spoilers upon spoilers of it and at first it didn't bother me but now it's just kinda making me sad.
Members have special rules such as to not screenshot and post them around the internet because it can spoil the surprise of others, especially with how fast things travel on the internet. I know [redacted] seems like not a big deal to anyone but I really needed the happy dose of chemicals in my brain to motivate me to get work done, which is why I got the membership too. It would really help me because as much as I have [redacted] with the image I'm working towards to get I can't afford to have [redacted] and it just makes me feel better seeing the euphoria of the finished result. That's' all.
Just upsetty spaghetti.

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Jaden Desmond

thats unfortunate, sorry about that