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"Well, if it isn't Mr. Hotshot himself"
16 years old
United States
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my final hoorah (im back now)

I think we can all agree my last blog was very sad.
so I'm making a new final blog to leave things on a happier note.
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First off, my last blog said I'd be back in a week, but I would have had school so I decided to come back a day earlier. I'll still log on the 5th in case anyone was expecting me though.
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second, the response was overwhelming. I am genuinely lost for words on what to say. I saw the comments on toms page, on my page, and some people even made blogs about it which is more than I thought would happen. I would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who commented, sent me a message, made a blog, etc. it really does mean a lot. I knew due to the sheer number of friends my account has that it would spread, but I didn't expect as many personal responses as there were. sadly I doubt ill see everything since the oldest blog on my news page is from the 1st of October, and there are too many pages to check individually, but I still appreciate everything I have been able to see.
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now it's my turn to thank yall. one thing I've seen is people thanking me for talking, friending people, and generally being an active part of the site and community. These mean a lot to me, but I can't take all the credit. it's because of the people like you who make that possible. Without people like you to talk to, it wouldn't be myspace now, would it?

It's really weird to think of all the people I've met, and all the friends I've made, and that they are all contained on this one small corner of the internet. it's hard to put into words how it feels. there is this massive group of people who I'm never gonna see or meet in real life, and the extremely vast majority I won't even interact online with outside of this website. I don't wanna make this blog super long and emotional like the last one because this is supposed to be the goodbye blog with happy vibes, I already made the sad one, so ill stop that part here.
‏‏‎ ‎
All of that aside, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I don't have any idea if or when I might return for real, so I'm gonna put this here just in case
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my final myspace will;

  1. I probably won't be topped by Tom forever (although it would be very epic if I was, keep me topped forever please). but my time being topped by tom is likely limited I would like to nominate Nah Dude, Koala71783, and death_by_penis as my potential top spot replacements.
  2. subscribe to Nicholas and Tyler Food Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWrTDUewy28?autoplay=1
  3. follow me on twitch (ill start streaming again someday guys https://www.twitch.tv/jaden_desmond)
  4. talk more. make your own CSS. start conversations first. take advantage of this website. it's not every day you find a perfect little corner of the web like this.
  5. That's it I guess. I thought I would have more but I'm blanking on it right now. Might add more later.

Anyway, unapproved comments on blogs max out at 10 and start auto-deleting, so I never saw the comments made within the first 13 or so hours of my last blog, which is when most people would have seen and commented, so sorry for that. If you want to reply it's probably safer to comment on my main page comment section.
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And I guess that's it

and btw, there is some extremely good music taste among the users here. I particularly remember yunggook and The Skullz always had some bangers on their pages.

Instagram: @Jaden_Desmond but I'm grounded so don't expect me to respond anytime soon
Discord: Jaden Desmond#1318
Youtube: Jaden Desmond, Nicholas and Tyler Food Reviews
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jaden_desmond
Email: Jadendesmond12@gmail.com (only made to share css but I might check it)
Trollbox: Jaden Desmond
Facebook: have one but don't use it, only made it to get free gems in dragon city
Snapchat: have one but don't use it, Snapchat is cringe
Twitter: is cringe
Whatsapp: Not giving out my phone number
Phone number: No


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Jaden Desmond
Jaden Desmond
SEP64 Productions

Can't beleive my work will forever be shown in this blog...
I... will miss you...


I'll miss you Jaden. You are a amazing person. I'm sorry that you are leaving. I hope that you have a good life.

Jaden Desmond

thanks Marsie ;)

Marsie uwu

it was such a nice day to meet you since in february 2020 and we still never forget you.
have sum love https://i.imgur.com/6TIZPMc.png



Unknown Fox

it was fun talking to you Jaden
hope you will come back to myspace again someday...