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"you just gotta keep living man ✨L I V I N✨"
17 years old
United States
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Guys I think im gay

Okay so recently ive come to the conclusion that im gay. When i was 7 i had my first kiss was a girl and it wasnt like a peck like its was a lil more than a kiss trust. But recently talking to guys is just something that doesnt intrest me ive only dated 1 boy seriously and that was for almost a year and half and it was super toxic and when we broke up i took time to figure my self out and ive come to the conclusion that guys no longer give me the same feeling girls do like i can see a girl and im like omg shes fucking beautiful and i would date her but when i see a guy or even when im talking to them its like nothing but a girl even smiles at me and im like omg omg omg like a 5 year old fangirling on the inside. I feel like im gay but im not sure cause like i have some issues like trust and just a lot of trama that i dont really wanna talk about yet but a lot contributes to it my childhood, i had to switch schools a lot, and my last relationship also gave me a lot of trama so i just dont know. All i know is girls make me feel all happy and guys just dont their nice to have as a friend but nothing more cause almost every guy i know is really like "im into chicks not gay shit" type of vibe and i fucking hate it. Which is also why im not sure if just that the guys i talk to and go to school with are kinda shit or if im just gay like im really confused and i really just dont know. If anyone has any advice please comment and let me know, thank you

Im sorry if theres any misspelling im not good at typing and im really high:)

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aww thank you, you guys are so sweet:)

Morgan Hain Music

You got this girl!! Its a tough thing to figure out when there'snot really anyone to talk to, so don't feel like you're alone in this <3


You don't have to give yourself a label:) Love who you want without worrying about it too much