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"you just gotta keep living man ✨L I V I N✨"
17 years old
United States
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Okay so i've been quarntined more times than I can count in the last 2 months due to school which is fine because i've tested negative everytime but then it gets me behind on school work. My teachers dont make zooms for me to go to so they can't explain the lesson to me which ends up making me fail the assignment or they just assign so many assignments and quizzes for me while i'm at home that it's impossible to do it all. My algebra 2 teacher in just 2 days has assigned me 6 quizzes and 5 assignments all worth 3 times it's grade. My english teacher assigns so many questions for this book that she refuses to tell me the name of because I can "cheat" but how am I supposed to do the assignment and read the book if she wont tell me the name of it. Not even to mention my chem teacher who assigns assigments without giving us the worksheet but puts the grade in, it makes no sense. Also school grades just make students feel bad about there mental capacity which results in a whole load of issues because grades define how well you do in life according to all teachers so students who dont always apply themsleves like myself are deemed as irresponsible or don't care when in reality it's that no one has the motivation or the strive to even try anymore because everything is so trivial in school. Thank you for listening to pickle talk. Hope everyone has a great day see you tmr.

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aww thank you so much ur very kind and i love your page:))<3

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Good luck! Hope your school goes well for you :( it can get hard sometimes but just try your best cuz that's all you can do.