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"you just gotta keep living man ✨L I V I N✨"
17 years old
United States
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unfortuantley life

Okay im just gonna rant about how i think life is useless the way we live it. We spend 12 years going to school and that's not including people who have to repeat or even do it in less time so they can graduate early due to something but from the moment were 5 or 6 were in preschool and even younger your in day care or some type of place like sometimes. Your taught from a young age you go to school, you get ur education, you get a job, you retire, then you die. It's so messed up not even to mention ur taught that if you don't go to college your stuck in some "dead-end job" but then they want me to pay for my education to get a good job, to then be stuck in student debt the rest of my life and going to my job thats just sorta fancy because i decided to go to college and pay a stupid amount of money to just slightly amount to something in this world. Theres not a moment in time where you can just be you. when ur kid you can't act to childish when ur a teen ur expected to be an adult and if not u get treated like ur 5 when ur in your 20s ur expected to be in college figuring out your life and bu the time ur 25-30 ur supposed to have a job and be living and have a significant other and possibly children its like people don't understand that were not robots and some of us don't want to live like that i want to live my life do things that im scared of but i cant because every time i try it's always your too young focus on your future it's so much pressure its alluding how you can just forget that its your life not someone elses so do that stupid thing you wanted to because you'll wake up someday and regret and blame ur self for not being more you and not even that parents and teachers and just people in general need to understand that kinds even people in there 20s should be able to do some stupid crazy things without it being held over your head. No ones perfect and people need to stop treating other like if there not perfect its the worst thing in the world. I just want to live life without the worry and the anxiety of it all so much pressure so little time.

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@g0dzi11ion thats my point to do all the stupid shit you want now because getting in trouble only last a little while and honestly your just living life at that point. Which is the purpose honestly i dont think anyone wants to end up regretting things they shouldve done when they were younger and fuck they way the united states makes children pay for a better education to end up in there mentality of "dead-end jobs" its all just backwards and unfair.


Do all the stupid stuff you wanna do, cuz if not now, than when? Now is the time to do what ever you want while you still can, while you're not "stuck in some dead-end job" or taking college classes you don't understand and only rich people can pay for lol.


Bruh momento


so sorry if i misspelled anything i was typing really fast but feel free to comment your own take on this and express how you feel as well