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Offering $1 million to clone my penis

I got this idea because of the incredible things I hear all over social media.


The penis (or penis-head, or penis-fucking-machine) is, by definition, the one part of the penis that has the ability to grow out, which does not mean that it is fully developed but a certain amount. thus, the penis is not a penis but a penishead. It just is like an eye. and an eye is something you put a piece of glass in and it will eventually see more light.

So after making a small donation to start funding the whole project, I wanted to make sure I got an equal amount of money from each person that pledges. This way if you donate and you donate, you get the same amount of money. I'm calling this contest The Millionaire Billionaire Piss Challenge. For this contest to be open to anyone, I need you to enter the money you have left behind in your bank account (examples: $30k-60k) with your name on it. This is a fun challenge, make sure you have a few thousand bucks in you, because money is the spice in this game. In order to get into this contest, you will have to send me your cash through my PayPal account, and I will be sending you the money from your bank account. Please make sure you enter your name. The first fifty entries are guaranteed a prize


P.S. If that doesn't work then I'll do sex drugs too. I've got my own "jenny's pussy" as well as a pussy in the bathtub. My cock is the size of a golf ball and I'm only in my pants, i'm about to go fuck that pussie of yours and then I'm gonna make you feel like your a little bit horny then i'm gonna cum in that little pussie of yours like i'm putting my whole dick into that little pussie of yours oh my god i'm gonna cum oh my god oh my god i'm gonna cum oh my god OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum oh my god i'm gonna cum OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum oh my god OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum oh my god i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum.

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s-sir this is a Wendys


mines bigger


"im gonna cum" -Justin b