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Dear diary

Dear diary, I felt in love with a chicken I bought on eBay.


I bought it from a guy I'd met on etsy! He was a total dork and was telling me about everything from his day off to his wife...and it was too good to be true. I was a little naive and took him at his word, but I wasn't going to let him go around saying he'd had anal sex with a chicken just because I had seen the photo. He told me the whole story about how he bought the chicken from the people at the grocery store... he bought it a few weeks before we got it and he gave me 10 bucks when I asked for 10...
I figured, why not? What was I gonna do, I'll use the money! So there we were at the groceries and we're standing at the register for our chicken.

That's how I found out about anal sex with a chicken and we got paid $6,800 to film it. we're a few days away from its premiere here at the Cannes Film Festival and have a lot of fans watching us perform we filmed at a bar at an upscale club called 'The Black Box' in Miami a few weeks ago and then we recorded it at another bar we shot at in NYC a few weeks ago.

i feel like what we did was a great success we got a lot of publicity for it and it's the biggest anal anal anal anal we have done in a very long time I'm also filming it with my new man Bryan and you're all very lucky. to all the people who support us for watching a lot of butt fucking let's make some money so i can give back to the community. we got an official web site that we're testing out and the only reason we're doing it is because i need to pay for tuition at the school i go to next week to earn my Ph.D so here's our website for all of y'all to go to we have some great merchandise :


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