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Legal Notice | Business Europe


Justin Bieber is suing a French electronic group for using his logo in several songs, including one featuring Selena Gomez, and claiming that there are "multiple fucking violations" of his copyright.


In a June 5 letter filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Bieber's management, MCA Music, claimed that Justice had copied their songs without his permission and made "multiple infringements of and by name use and distribution."
In some cases, including a track titled "D.A.N.C.E.," which has that "Justice" logo on it, Justice and his songwriters used similar names.
Justice's lawyer told The Times that the lawsuit is bogus because MCA never made it clear when or how much they were going to sue Bieber. He also said the case "should have been dismissed for failure to state a claim."


According to the complaint, Bieber's management has already begun removing its songs from iTunes, despite the fact that he owns the rights.


The Hidden Meaning

« Peaches » is a slang for vagina, which means vulva or vagina-shaped anus.


The meaning of peaches is similar to how the meaning of vagina is similar to how the meaning of anus is similar to how the meaning of vagina is similar to the meaning of anus.

This is a « problem » for this little guy, because he can't come to orgasm without coming to orgasm with his ass up in the air or he have to cum with his pussy in front of him.

We like anal sex, you know, and we think we're the most beautiful fucking babes around.


Sex before marriage

I wish I had abstained from sex before marrying Hailey Baldwin.

I wish I had spent the evening drinking beer. Now, I want to be a good kid.

I want to learn about the family business. I want to learn about my love's love's family.

Love is what is important not who was with who. When the sun is down, I want to be a loving wife and mother. Now, I want to become an attractive husband and a charming father.


Love is important

but love can make you into a bad person. But if you know how to enjoy it in it's purest form, you can make yourself happy. Good luck. [More kissing] <pause> My mouth is a good place to hide it in. Maybe if you put your tongue in, I could take a good look at your hard cock if we are going to take this long? <pause> That's right. Your cock is rock hard for me. I didn't know you were interested in oral sex!

I guess my wife and son didn't either. I guess I'm still an outsider. I guess I'm still just another woman. All you do is make me happy. I'm so happy and full of power... that's all you can do. You never know when I'm gonna come and you can never know what's gonna come next... But I don't care anymore. I've got you. I've got the guy with the gun... the only one worth fighting for now.


Offering $1 million to clone my penis

I got this idea because of the incredible things I hear all over social media.


The penis (or penis-head, or penis-fucking-machine) is, by definition, the one part of the penis that has the ability to grow out, which does not mean that it is fully developed but a certain amount. thus, the penis is not a penis but a penishead. It just is like an eye. and an eye is something you put a piece of glass in and it will eventually see more light.

So after making a small donation to start funding the whole project, I wanted to make sure I got an equal amount of money from each person that pledges. This way if you donate and you donate, you get the same amount of money. I'm calling this contest The Millionaire Billionaire Piss Challenge. For this contest to be open to anyone, I need you to enter the money you have left behind in your bank account (examples: $30k-60k) with your name on it. This is a fun challenge, make sure you have a few thousand bucks in you, because money is the spice in this game. In order to get into this contest, you will have to send me your cash through my PayPal account, and I will be sending you the money from your bank account. Please make sure you enter your name. The first fifty entries are guaranteed a prize


P.S. If that doesn't work then I'll do sex drugs too. I've got my own "jenny's pussy" as well as a pussy in the bathtub. My cock is the size of a golf ball and I'm only in my pants, i'm about to go fuck that pussie of yours and then I'm gonna make you feel like your a little bit horny then i'm gonna cum in that little pussie of yours like i'm putting my whole dick into that little pussie of yours oh my god i'm gonna cum oh my god oh my god i'm gonna cum oh my god OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum oh my god i'm gonna cum OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum oh my god OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum OH MY GOD i'm gonna cum oh my god i'm gonna cum i'm gonna cum.


Is it a jawbone?

I'm probably the most cute and intelligent person in the world, with a mouthful of braces. Or is it a jawbone? Because, at the age of nine, I still cannot remember that.


Anyway, I had a great introduction to the world of X-Boxes. One day, at school, I was playing a Mario Bros. game and accidentally put my finger in the wrong place of the controller. At first, I thought I'd accidentally fired it up when the controller broke but then my mother told me that the controller didn't actually need batteries and that I could just type in a command on it without actually playing. I was amazed at this.


I went into Terminal, found and opened Ushio and began tapping around. I wrote a script that attached the stream to a segment of code in Ushio, which saved a lot of time. It looked pretty cool, and people enjoyed it. I realized that if I made it interactive, that it would take on a life of its own. I contacted my friend who works at Ziff Davis and we made a project called Encore. We turned the .spl file into an interactive .py program, and asked people to give it feedback. So far, it's received over 50,000 viewers and I've received thousands of messages.

Thanks to all the gaymers who supported me!


How to get girls

How to use your community to get girls you can fuck for free:


The general logic of this approach is: let's just detect community interaction (using users who like or comment on the pictures) from the behavior of the "army" of Likes and Comments directed at the articles we chose (finds also significant interaction around the article's title). The algorithm by algorithm approach is pretty simple: - find all the articles with certain occurrence rate (about 90-95%!).
I got so excited about updating my schedule for algorithms...no photo shoots, no interviews with the press. just the algorithms myself getting their rocks off. Lol I'll certainly need a travel bag, 2 pairs of silver blinders for my perky, submissive face and the Visa card that expired yesterday to re-enter Japan!

If you wanna join the chat room join it here http://mynameisjustin.com (no adfly please)

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So I'm proud to declare that I'm really on a transition.


I'm confident in who I am and that makes me happy. Not all transexual people are so fortunate. It's a reality that some people never get to have. For me, being trans has had an impact on my musical career but also my physical one. Being able to express myself in a way that can be accepted and is not ashamed of is how I feel I should be treated. Recently though I have gotten some serious pressure from some transphobic people (but less in the last month) that I should just change my name. they say that I was born the wrong way and cannot change and that it does my privacy no good if they find out, it has nothing to do with my romantic life.

For years, trans people and activists have protested what they see as transphobic, transphobic songs, like Frank Ocean's "Bad Religion," which used the term "transgender" in the title, or, in 2011, the use of the word "tranny" by "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville... U know what I mean? And I got a bajillion fans like really now? And I've worked with Jay Z and I've worked with Kanye and I've done a bunch of other stuff, but when you play around with my name, and you get your picture taken with me, and you get a picture taken with myself doing all these cool things, if you're a guy, I'm not sure how I'm gonna like it, but I think it's gonna blow.


The nicest hug ever

I'll never be that kind of hamster again.


When my mother walked in the room, she immediately told me that the hamster that was raping me was my father, so I hugged and hugged my father before leaving the room.

Mom started screaming and said I better clean up, my clothes were all ruined and the hamster would have to be put down. When it was over she was disappointed that she didn't get some of that cocaine. So she took me to the room where I would get my cocaine for the night.

I thought I had done something wrong when my mom looked at me and said something like, "I guess this means you don't have the brains to make this decision" and then she got the money and the cocaine and left, and my life was back to normal.

It's not the first time I've felt like I'm not really a man, in fact I remember my mother telling me when I was about 9 I wasn't a real man because I was too shy to get up in front of people and I kept my head down and I wasn't brave enough to tell my dad that I liked him, but I'm really glad that I did because he was the first person I told and it really helped him see that I was happy being myself.
It was the nicest hug ever, my dad was really nice to me.

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Vacuum cleaners

My name is justin bieber and I'm sexually attracted to vacuum cleaners.


I've always enjoyed them so this past week i decided to get a cheap old vacuum with some cheap air filters and try it out in my bedroom. I put some air into the top of the vacuum and it felt good, but in no way did it make any noise. After 5 minutes or so in the bedroom it started to blow out of my legs and fell back on the carpet, so I removed the air filter and put it back in. 5 minutes later the same thing happened and started blowing out my crotch. Immediately, I put the tube down as i was thinking of it, I put some water on it to try and clean it up but it started to go and spread all over the bed and other areas.

I decided to get back to work so I took it to the bathroom and had the water running to take the tube out, I waited 15 to 20 minutes to see if the water would have a strong scent on it, and while i was doing this I heard a loud sound and then after 15 to 20 more minutes the water level in the tub fell dramatically,I finally took a look inside the tub, and to my surprise there was a dead spider in it,it was a big spider,and even the silk underneath it was covered in blood...I was scared and really wanted to get my clothes away from me but i wanted to make sure this wasn't a spider.

I called the police and they told me the only way to know was to have some kind of specialist look at the tube,and I went to a couple of spiders specialists. I couldn't find any sign of any kind of blood, but the experts at the lab found that the spider had been dead for a very long time.I've always been fascinated by spiders, and they always make me think of the creatures that inhabit the underworld which is what i find all so interesting about them.


Dear diary

Dear diary, I felt in love with a chicken I bought on eBay.


I bought it from a guy I'd met on etsy! He was a total dork and was telling me about everything from his day off to his wife...and it was too good to be true. I was a little naive and took him at his word, but I wasn't going to let him go around saying he'd had anal sex with a chicken just because I had seen the photo. He told me the whole story about how he bought the chicken from the people at the grocery store... he bought it a few weeks before we got it and he gave me 10 bucks when I asked for 10...
I figured, why not? What was I gonna do, I'll use the money! So there we were at the groceries and we're standing at the register for our chicken.

That's how I found out about anal sex with a chicken and we got paid $6,800 to film it. we're a few days away from its premiere here at the Cannes Film Festival and have a lot of fans watching us perform we filmed at a bar at an upscale club called 'The Black Box' in Miami a few weeks ago and then we recorded it at another bar we shot at in NYC a few weeks ago.

i feel like what we did was a great success we got a lot of publicity for it and it's the biggest anal anal anal anal we have done in a very long time I'm also filming it with my new man Bryan and you're all very lucky. to all the people who support us for watching a lot of butt fucking let's make some money so i can give back to the community. we got an official web site that we're testing out and the only reason we're doing it is because i need to pay for tuition at the school i go to next week to earn my Ph.D so here's our website for all of y'all to go to we have some great merchandise :