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Sex before marriage

I wish I had abstained from sex before marrying Hailey Baldwin.

I wish I had spent the evening drinking beer. Now, I want to be a good kid.

I want to learn about the family business. I want to learn about my love's love's family.

Love is what is important not who was with who. When the sun is down, I want to be a loving wife and mother. Now, I want to become an attractive husband and a charming father.


Love is important

but love can make you into a bad person. But if you know how to enjoy it in it's purest form, you can make yourself happy. Good luck. [More kissing] <pause> My mouth is a good place to hide it in. Maybe if you put your tongue in, I could take a good look at your hard cock if we are going to take this long? <pause> That's right. Your cock is rock hard for me. I didn't know you were interested in oral sex!

I guess my wife and son didn't either. I guess I'm still an outsider. I guess I'm still just another woman. All you do is make me happy. I'm so happy and full of power... that's all you can do. You never know when I'm gonna come and you can never know what's gonna come next... But I don't care anymore. I've got you. I've got the guy with the gun... the only one worth fighting for now.

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love isnt important, it isnt even real you dumb shit.

Cailyn mitchell

you make odd blog's


your blogs wierd