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"i hate most people but ur ok i guess"
14 years old
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all of these songs are on spotify btw

1."bad texter"- ryan woods
2."affection"- between friends
3."iloveyou"- between friends
4."i <3 you"- boy pablo
5."loving you"- thomas headon
6."you're kinda perfect"- fig
7."fool"- cavetown
8."i love you so"- the walters
9."telephones"- vacations
10."please never fall in love again"- ollie mn
11."honey, no estas"- bratty
12."tu- maye
13."table for two"- ilytommy
14."feel u"- okayceci
15."i saw an angel"- puzzle
16."loverboy"- a-wall
17."she plays bass"- beabadoobee
18."naked"- bickle
19"bedsheets"- tia
20."drinking games"- silver sphere
21."boy who cries"- sam.sts
22."hold in, hold on"- kid bloom
23."blood on the pavement"- chemical club
24."i think i wanna be alone"- mazie
25."kilby girl"- the backseat lovers
26."2725"- grae
27."luvbug"- wassup rocker
28."shes awesome"- wassup rocker
29."hello sunshine"- wetter
30."citizen kane"- hyukoh
31."always forever"- cults
32."metamodernity"- vansire
33."patagonia"- jelani aryeh
34."can i have a ride home? im at a party and i dont know any1"- carpetgarden
35."can ghosts be gay"- carpetgarden
36."f song"- strawberry guy
37."friends"- marsicans
38."i want you"- blaenavon
39."so she goes"- geskle
40."pan con miel"- irepulsa
41."fucking young"- tyler, the creator
42."dont trust me"- the booyah! kids
43."only u"- the booyah! kids
44."your dog"- soccer mommy
45."i threw glass at my friends eyes and now im on probation"- destroy boys
46."yandere"- jazmin bean
47."angela"- flower face
48."stella brown"- jelani aryeh
49."marmalade"- nep
50."unbound"- michelle
51."together"- beabadoobee
52."angel landing"- pretty sick
52."nothing else i could do"- elle jane
53."acting normal"- blackstarkis
54."easy"- babygirl
55."trigger of love"- jawny
56."sunsick"- bennet coast
57."cottan candy"- spill tab
58."calvaire"- spill tab
59."you are the reason"- johnny goth
60."i hope she breaks your heart"- marg
61."frank ocean"- newn
62."shouldnt you be doing something too?"- urbanation
63."i hate everyone but you"- elita
64."british bombs"- declan mckenna
65."no eyed girl"- lemon demon
66."i'd be sad if you were gone"- slchd
67."159cm"- tenny
66"just friends"- keshi
67."something glowing"- lemon demon
68."touch tone telephone"- lemon demon
69."a mask of my own face"- lemn demon
70."show me"- triple h
71."feel"- triple h
72."sunflower"- triple h
73."365 fresh"- triple h
74."retro future"- triple h
75."whats going on?"- triple h
76."purple"- hyunah
77."dame un beso"- selena y los dinos
78."sweet bod"- lemon demon
79."tokyo"- young tender
80."secretos"- marineros
81."tren al sur"- los prisioneros
82."si no tengo a ti"- hombres g
83."te quiero"- hombres g
84."ella"- junior h
85."lavagirl"- ilytommy
86."mango"- hyomin
87."esa hembra es mala"- gloria trevi
88."i dont cry"- payday
89."streamer boy"- leonella
90."kill your local indie softboy"- izzy camina
91."love, or the lack thereof"- issac dunbar
92."red line"- ben chandler
93."confetti"- doublecamp
94."big wheel"- samia
95."intimate moments"- issac dunbar

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i've only heard some of them but i'll have to check the other one's out as well! Thx 4 the suggestions this list is gr8