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"i hate most people but ur ok i guess"
14 years old
United States
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stories :))

1) one time when i was like 6 or 7 my mom heated up a bowl of ravioli for me and i brought it to my room and i put the bowl on my bed and me being the dumb child that i was (i'm still dumb but we don't talk about it) i decided it would be a fun idea to jump on my bed and the scolding hot bowl of ravioli went flying up and at the same time i put my head face down and the burning hot ravioli went all over my face and bed and till this day i cant/refuse to eat ravioli because of that one incident from when i was younger.

2) one time when i was in 2nd grade my bus had a substitute and it was some old man and i remember it was valentines day so everyone on the bus had a bunch of candy and the substitute either didn't notice or didn't care that everyone was eating candy and when it came for my sisters and i turn to get off the bus my sister got off the bus first and she was waiting for me and as i was getting off the bus the man decided it would be a fun idea to CLOSE THE DOORS TO THE BUS ON ME BEFORE I COULD FULLY GET OUT so i fell and my lollipop that i had in my hand flew out of my hand and onto the road and it shattered and instead of saying sorry to me for trapping me in between the bus doors he LAUGHED at me and just opened the door so i could get out and i was crying and my sister felt bad so she also started crying.

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all of these songs are on spotify btw

1."bad texter"- ryan woods
2."affection"- between friends
3."iloveyou"- between friends
4."i <3 you"- boy pablo
5."loving you"- thomas headon
6."you're kinda perfect"- fig
7."fool"- cavetown
8."i love you so"- the walters
9."telephones"- vacations
10."please never fall in love again"- ollie mn
11."honey, no estas"- bratty
12."tu- maye
13."table for two"- ilytommy
14."feel u"- okayceci
15."i saw an angel"- puzzle
16."loverboy"- a-wall
17."she plays bass"- beabadoobee
18."naked"- bickle
19"bedsheets"- tia
20."drinking games"- silver sphere
21."boy who cries"- sam.sts
22."hold in, hold on"- kid bloom
23."blood on the pavement"- chemical club
24."i think i wanna be alone"- mazie
25."kilby girl"- the backseat lovers
26."2725"- grae
27."luvbug"- wassup rocker
28."shes awesome"- wassup rocker
29."hello sunshine"- wetter
30."citizen kane"- hyukoh
31."always forever"- cults
32."metamodernity"- vansire
33."patagonia"- jelani aryeh
34."can i have a ride home? im at a party and i dont know any1"- carpetgarden
35."can ghosts be gay"- carpetgarden
36."f song"- strawberry guy
37."friends"- marsicans
38."i want you"- blaenavon
39."so she goes"- geskle
40."pan con miel"- irepulsa
41."fucking young"- tyler, the creator
42."dont trust me"- the booyah! kids
43."only u"- the booyah! kids
44."your dog"- soccer mommy
45."i threw glass at my friends eyes and now im on probation"- destroy boys
46."yandere"- jazmin bean
47."angela"- flower face
48."stella brown"- jelani aryeh
49."marmalade"- nep
50."unbound"- michelle
51."together"- beabadoobee
52."angel landing"- pretty sick
52."nothing else i could do"- elle jane
53."acting normal"- blackstarkis
54."easy"- babygirl
55."trigger of love"- jawny
56."sunsick"- bennet coast
57."cottan candy"- spill tab
58."calvaire"- spill tab
59."you are the reason"- johnny goth
60."i hope she breaks your heart"- marg
61."frank ocean"- newn
62."shouldnt you be doing something too?"- urbanation
63."i hate everyone but you"- elita
64."british bombs"- declan mckenna
65."no eyed girl"- lemon demon
66."i'd be sad if you were gone"- slchd
67."159cm"- tenny
66"just friends"- keshi
67."something glowing"- lemon demon
68."touch tone telephone"- lemon demon
69."a mask of my own face"- lemn demon
70."show me"- triple h
71."feel"- triple h
72."sunflower"- triple h
73."365 fresh"- triple h
74."retro future"- triple h
75."whats going on?"- triple h
76."purple"- hyunah
77."dame un beso"- selena y los dinos
78."sweet bod"- lemon demon
79."tokyo"- young tender
80."secretos"- marineros
81."tren al sur"- los prisioneros
82."si no tengo a ti"- hombres g
83."te quiero"- hombres g
84."ella"- junior h
85."lavagirl"- ilytommy
86."mango"- hyomin
87."esa hembra es mala"- gloria trevi
88."i dont cry"- payday
89."streamer boy"- leonella
90."kill your local indie softboy"- izzy camina
91."love, or the lack thereof"- issac dunbar
92."red line"- ben chandler
93."confetti"- doublecamp
94."big wheel"- samia
95."intimate moments"- issac dunbar

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