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"i hate most people but ur ok i guess"
14 years old
United States
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stories :))

1) one time when i was like 6 or 7 my mom heated up a bowl of ravioli for me and i brought it to my room and i put the bowl on my bed and me being the dumb child that i was (i'm still dumb but we don't talk about it) i decided it would be a fun idea to jump on my bed and the scolding hot bowl of ravioli went flying up and at the same time i put my head face down and the burning hot ravioli went all over my face and bed and till this day i cant/refuse to eat ravioli because of that one incident from when i was younger.

2) one time when i was in 2nd grade my bus had a substitute and it was some old man and i remember it was valentines day so everyone on the bus had a bunch of candy and the substitute either didn't notice or didn't care that everyone was eating candy and when it came for my sisters and i turn to get off the bus my sister got off the bus first and she was waiting for me and as i was getting off the bus the man decided it would be a fun idea to CLOSE THE DOORS TO THE BUS ON ME BEFORE I COULD FULLY GET OUT so i fell and my lollipop that i had in my hand flew out of my hand and onto the road and it shattered and instead of saying sorry to me for trapping me in between the bus doors he LAUGHED at me and just opened the door so i could get out and i was crying and my sister felt bad so she also started crying.

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