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"Monkey enraged by magic trick"
18 years old
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More As?

Making this blog in case I get even more questions...


thing you miss most about your childhood?

I miss quite a lot of things. The lack of inhibitions, my old iPod, YouTube at the time, this one Sonic toy I borrowed from a friend that was super lanky but had tons of articulation, picking up cool rocks at the schoolyard then taking them home to use them to play catch with my dog. Being a kid was pretty neat. Dunno how good kids got it now, though.

you suddenly have the ability to broadcast a message to every single person on earth, what do you say?

Either some dumb motivational quote like "Whether things are good or bad, the world keeps spinning and the clock keeps ticking, so keep trying" or the dumbest shit I could think of at the spot, just because I think it'd be pretty funny to waste this chance like that.

what kind of place you'd want to live in in the future? (apartment, two-story house, mansion, bathroom stall, etc.)

Honestly, a nice li'l suburban house would be ideal. Nothing fancy, just a cozy home with a nice yard. Ideally I'd get a nice audio system for it so I can play nice music through the house whenever I'd feel like, too.

Nah Dude

what's the story behind your discord status? the one with the burger

There really isn't a lot to that story. Basically there's this small plaza that has most of the retail stores and the movie theater, and there's a McDonald's on the other side of the plaza that's about less than a minute away on car. Me and my friends decide to go to the movies one day, but a bunch of little things went wrong and we were going late. I left my house without eating due to the rush, so I told the friend driving to stop by McDonald's real quick to pick something up. Since we were going late and there wasn't enough time to eat it on the way, I told them I'd stuff it into my jacket and eat it during the movie. They thought I was joking, and I was, but we WERE in a hurry and in my mind at the time it was too silly to NOT do it, so I did it.


city or rural life?

Tough question, but I think I'll take city life. Rural life is nice and calm, I'll give it that, but living in the city has a bunch of conveniences we tend to take for granted. At least where I live, having a rural home also means having to drive considerably longer to get anything done depending on how rural you wanna go, and I really mean anything. It's a minor issue but it's enough to make city life my preferred choice

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thanks 4 the answer btw, it made me feel appreciated lol


the cool rock part was relatable, except i dont have a dog and i just kept all the cool rocks i found on my bedside

Nah Dude

I forgot to say when I read it the first time but I did read your answer and that story is absolutely epic lol

Nah Dude

I came up with a question: what’s the story behind your discord status? The one with the burger


the childhood question brings great memories.
thank you, broski the 50th.


I just remembered every old YouTube video lol, hey the audio system idea is great :00 listening to your music in every room


dang that childhood question brought me back holy moly