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So many questions...


Favorite season?

The seasons aren't very pronounced where I live, it's like summertime all year long. If I really had to pick, it'd probably be fall, with all the orange leaves and shit. It always seemed so cozy to me. Close second would be winter, but that's more about the holidays than the actual season; also I've never dealt with snow so winter might actually suck bulldick


favorite pencil?

It's a tie between H pencils, 2B pencils, and the standard HB. H pencils are light and great for sketching, 2B are darker and good for shading, while HBs are just balanced. I bet you thought this would get a joke answer, didn't ya?

least favorite animal?

Whatever's down there in the deep blue sea, and I mean DEEP blue sea. Seriously, nothing has made me feel more queasy than finding out that creepy ass anglerfish from Finding Nemo was real, and that there's more equally scary looking creatures down there. They're fucking eldritch abominations, those deep sea creatures.

any planet you choose will become completely habitable to earth life what planet do you choose?

Saturn. Don't know much about it but it seems nice enough. It has those cool rings and a Sega console was named after it, so it's probably the coolest choice.


favorite ice cream!

Either caramel pecan or pistachio. There was this one Snicker's ice cream bar that I had once as a kid that tasted really good, though. When I had it again for the second time, it wasn't as good, but if it counts then my memory of that first Snicker's ice cream bar would be my favorite ice cream

Europ Europ Fanclub

Favorite chocolate? Is it Bounty?

I've only had Bounty once in my life so I can't really say much about it. I'm not picky with my chocolates, but I guess Toblerones are pretty good. Don't buy them often but everytime I do I wish I did


You need to pick one thing to eat for breakfast every day what will it be?

Eggs. I was gonna say chicken and waffles but then I realized that my cholesterol would get higher than the Empire State, and I'd get some fat on me too. Eggs are versatile and don't actually raise your cholesterol as much as people say. Eggs are the supreme breakfast food.

You remember the old game we used to play? The one that use flash what was your favorite old flash game?

Fancy Pants and Super Mario 63. Honorable mentions to Ultimate Sonic Flash, Mario Kombat and whatever the fuck I used to play on Newgrounds

You can pick any color for your car what color you will choose?

Snot green... or beige. I don't really care what my car looks like as long as it works and it's got a CD/Cassete player.

Favorite gum flavor?


Now be honest with me the only bag you can own is the one with Wheels are you going to use it or are you going to hold your stuff?

I usually travel light so I'll just hold my stuff. I'll take the bag if I ever need it, though

Quick pick a soundtrack to be your

I pick Persona 3's OST to be my


Do you plan on meeting the machine elves one day?

I might try and meet them at some point, but first I'd need to meet somebody that's met them before, or at least somebody that knows somebody that's met them. I've got some doubts though, since I'm a fairly clean guy.


is pineapple on pizza good?

Depends... It's usually too overpowering but with an additional topping and with the right sauce it's edible. Wouldn't really order it ever, though

Quite a lot of questions. Thanks to those that asked! This post's at its limit, but feel free to keep asking! I'll make another blog for the other questions I get. See ya.

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also eggs is my favorite braakfast i have boil and scramble


yey saturn is nice i love its moons you can see since i wrote a blog about them


i'm a pretty big fan of pineapple on pizza but yeah, i agree
also toblerones are great


Persona has a lot of cool osts good choices 👌, can't believe you will choose eggs smh 😔

Europ Europ Fanclub

Toblerone: the ultimate international travel chocolate :D

Nah Dude

eggs are the breakfast meta. Excellent choice
also Ultimate Flash Sonic was the shit hell yea


dang I was expecting like mechanical or like i use pens or something. its good to see a man well versed in pencils