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"Punk's not dead, we just smell like it! ;3"

25 years old
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Song: Pillars of Re-Creation - Keith Merrow

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About me:

I'm just an odd, punk and heavy metal loving, Linux addicted, male jackal furry who loves computer programming, ethical hacking, and computer science as a whole. I write old school games, mod games, and play em too, of course! (Mostly RPGs, but I have a wide range of tastes, and that includes with both music and video games). This is mostly a blog for my personal thoughts on things
My page is pretty plain, I know, but that's cause markdown languages are a new area to me, anything I've ever done, even graphically, has been mostly in C/C++. I've tried a few other languages, like python and Haskell, but nothing tickles my fancy like the C family X3

I play some music, do some art though I don't share it, but maybe I will once I figure this thing out a lil more.

Who I'd like to meet:

Oh, just people who'd like to talk code, games, music, certain tv shows and books (Typically sci fi, horror, fantasy, cartoons and animu cause I'm a FECKIN NUUURRRD).
I'm no master of the digital martial arts, essentially just an amateur, so knew knowledge
is always appreciated! ^,..,^
(especially when it comes to CSS or Markdown, I'm a game programmer not a web dev,
I've no clue what I'm doing hurhur)
Wanna mail me? Go ahead! I'm totally friendly!

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ELLO GOV'NA This page has TASTEEE vibes & TY 4 Accepting B-)


Thanks 4 the add!