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"Punk's not dead, we just smell like it! ;3"
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Boreona Virus

Corona virus? more like BOREONA VIRUS hahaha. I'm bored as hell, even coding and games won't fix that!
This whole thing has been a total drag, total depression accelerator. Like, holy shit, I thought I was lonely and felt like garbage before? Naaah, buddy. This stuff is over 9000.

It's a damn good thing we still have the internet and devices to access it. I think we'd have a lot more cases of suicide without it. Some people are all like "Oh, we're still all alone, video calls don't matter, we're still totally isolated from eachother". I call bullshit. True isolation is having 0 access to anyone else, being totally cut off from the rest of the world. We still have these outlets to communicate with others, see each other, and overall enjoy the company of others, even if it is from behind a screen. I, for one, am thankful for that. Hell, for someof us, it's always been our primary access to others. We're used to it.

Still a total drag, though. I miss cuddling with sweeties v,..,v

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