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"Punk's not dead, we just smell like it! ;3"
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Paint: Rotate Text

"How do you rotate text in MS Paint?"
One of the oldest jokes in graphical design, and for some reason, it never really gets old to me.
Though I have heard Microsoft is going to discontinue Paint, so it may just become a legacy joke for 90s babies and older, maybe some Gen Zs. You can rotate it, but only 90 degrees, or 180 degrees, there's no option to get like 45 degrees, just 90 right or left, or 180. But that's not the funny part to me.

The funny bit to me has always been that there are a number of better applications, some of which are even free, out there for image editing in which rotating text is seamlessly easy (I'm not gonna go through them all, but I'll note GIMP and Autodesk for now as those are my general GO-TOs over fucking mS pAiNt), some of which do "Everything MS Paint Does +", and they do it better! Why would you even care about how to rotate text in MS Paint?! What the fuck is MS Paint even used for anymore other than making memes? The question just kills me every time I hear it.

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Killer Cop Madness

Ohh boy...my poor American neighbors! I feel so endlessly terrified and worried for you!

Personally, I'm an ACAB. I've been through enough abuse from the bastards that, when I see an officer, I do not feel safe, I feel so terrified, my legs shake. And I'm not even black, just a white native Canadian punk. I can't imagine the kind of garbage treatment black people have to go through, and all over their skin colour. The fear they must have to live in. We're all the same fucking animal, just different breeds, yet some people get treated like they're lesser just because of the particular breed of human they happen to be born as. It's absolutely disgusting and contemptible. George Floyd was someone's son, someone's father, someone's brother, and the flame of his life was snuffed out in mere moments in a way that was completely unnecessary and absolutely uncalled for. And as we can all see from the events occurring...most cops don't give a single fuck, and only wish to inflict more unnecessary violence on civilians. It's BEYOND contemptible. It's completely and utterly shameful.

Racism must be absolutely demolished. There is no room for it. It ends NOW. RIP, George, you did NOT deserve this! Nobody does. Well...maybe a sex offender. Nah, they deserve worse.

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Boreona Virus

Corona virus? more like BOREONA VIRUS hahaha. I'm bored as hell, even coding and games won't fix that!
This whole thing has been a total drag, total depression accelerator. Like, holy shit, I thought I was lonely and felt like garbage before? Naaah, buddy. This stuff is over 9000.

It's a damn good thing we still have the internet and devices to access it. I think we'd have a lot more cases of suicide without it. Some people are all like "Oh, we're still all alone, video calls don't matter, we're still totally isolated from eachother". I call bullshit. True isolation is having 0 access to anyone else, being totally cut off from the rest of the world. We still have these outlets to communicate with others, see each other, and overall enjoy the company of others, even if it is from behind a screen. I, for one, am thankful for that. Hell, for someof us, it's always been our primary access to others. We're used to it.

Still a total drag, though. I miss cuddling with sweeties v,..,v

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Vot iz dis Moozik?!

It's a buncha heavy metal songs I wrote the guitar work and did backup/melodic vox for!

It's Like Getting A Rabbit Off Your Back!
That Sloppy Girl You Once Knew!
Fake Lashes!
A Treble Charger cover?


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