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Killer Cop Madness

Ohh boy...my poor American neighbors! I feel so endlessly terrified and worried for you!

Personally, I'm an ACAB. I've been through enough abuse from the bastards that, when I see an officer, I do not feel safe, I feel so terrified, my legs shake. And I'm not even black, just a white native Canadian punk. I can't imagine the kind of garbage treatment black people have to go through, and all over their skin colour. The fear they must have to live in. We're all the same fucking animal, just different breeds, yet some people get treated like they're lesser just because of the particular breed of human they happen to be born as. It's absolutely disgusting and contemptible. George Floyd was someone's son, someone's father, someone's brother, and the flame of his life was snuffed out in mere moments in a way that was completely unnecessary and absolutely uncalled for. And as we can all see from the events occurring...most cops don't give a single fuck, and only wish to inflict more unnecessary violence on civilians. It's BEYOND contemptible. It's completely and utterly shameful.

Racism must be absolutely demolished. There is no room for it. It ends NOW. RIP, George, you did NOT deserve this! Nobody does. Well...maybe a sex offender. Nah, they deserve worse.

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