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"main page is koala71783"
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Rainbow Notification

this css makes a rainbow notification on you page !!!

span#hUp::before {content: "New cats??????????"; animation: koalarainbows 0.5s infinite !important; color: salmon; font-size: small;}
@keyframes koalarainbows {
0%{color: salmon;}
11%{color: orange;}
22%{color: yellow;}
33%{color: lightgreen;}
44%{color: cyan;}
55%{color: deepskyblue;}
66%{color: mediumslateblue;}
77%{color: violet;}
88%{color: hotpink;}
100%{color: salmon;}

it might not work if you missed a bracket on another part of your css or if you did something to the header already (most likely the first one)

credit is not needed any more ☺

example is on this page

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