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"main page is koala71783"
Gender Nonconforming
18 years old
United Kingdom
Last Login: 1620061731000
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how to make a secret blog by koala71783

step 1: make a temporary blog

this blog will be deleted so you dont need to put stuff here

step 2: copy an empty character


step 3: make another blog with a blank title using empty character

this blog will become your secret blog, but it is visible at the moment on your profile and the news section so dont try to hide stuff there yet.

the blank title should make it impossible to click to from another blog page.

step 4: delete the first temporary blog

this will make it so the link to the blog on the news section will not work

step 5: add this css

.blurbs .blogs :nth-child(2) {font-size: 0px; margin: 0px;}
li:nth-child(1)::marker {font-size: 0px;}
li:nth-child(1) {height: 0px;}
.blogCard div:nth-child(9) b {font-size: 0px;}
.blogCard div:nth-child(9) b::after {
content: "All Blogs (1/10)";
font-size: 18px;

this first line of css makes the blog on yor home page invisible.
this second line of css makes the bullet point on your blogs invisible.
the third line gets rid of the gap it leaves
the fourth get rid of the all blogs number
the fifth adds a new number which can change to match what you have

it might not work if you have done some css changing the blogs,or if you have another css line without ending with a bracket: }

you can change the numbers in bold to make a different blog on your home page invisible,and you will have to change this number if you make more blogs.

The css first line is not needed when you have more than five blogs made after this one.

you dont have to give credit for all secret blogs because there is many ways to make it, but if you copy this css in particular then type "Secret blog css credit to koala71783" in your secret blog

If you know any improvement i can make pleas tell me !!!!!!!!!!

step 6: make your secret blog !!!

you can now do whatever you want here as long as you dont change the title, keep it as a blank space. use markdown to make a title instead like this one has.

you can find it using the blog button at the header or by using a link.

step 7: dont be silly

this blog is not super secret it is actualy easy to spot and get to if you know how so dont put silly or private things there.ok

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