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"main page is koala71783"
Gender Nonconforming
18 years old
United Kingdom
Last Login: 1620061731000
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Rainbow Notification

this css makes a rainbow notification on you page !!!

span#hUp::before {content: "New cats??????????"; animation: koalarainbows 0.5s infinite !important; color: salmon; font-size: small;}
@keyframes koalarainbows {
0%{color: salmon;}
11%{color: orange;}
22%{color: yellow;}
33%{color: lightgreen;}
44%{color: cyan;}
55%{color: deepskyblue;}
66%{color: mediumslateblue;}
77%{color: violet;}
88%{color: hotpink;}
100%{color: salmon;}

it might not work if you missed a bracket on another part of your css or if you did something to the header already (most likely the first one)

credit is not needed any more ☺

example is on this page

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Fake blog links

fake blog links use markdown and css both. it also needs some basic maths to find what position to put in your css
here is what the markdown will look like for 1 fake blog, in your About me and section:

Blog Name [[view more](www.example.com)]

rest of the about me text goes here

and now for 2 fake blogs:

Blog Name [[view more](https://www.example.com/)]

Blog Name [[view more](https://www.example.com/)]

rest of the about me text goes here

make sure to include the double space between the paragraphs !! change blog name and link what you want
now for the css.the numbers you put will depend on any modification you made before, and the amount of blogs you add.
but if your using default css, here is for 1 fake blog:

.blogs {margin-bottom: 48px;}
#about p:nth-child(1) {position: relative; height: 0px;}
#about p:nth-child(1) {bottom: 94px;}

and for 2 fake blogs:

.blogs {margin-bottom: 76px;}
#about p:nth-child(1), #about p:nth-child(2) {position: relative; height: 0px;}
#about p:nth-child(1) {bottom: 122px;}
#about p:nth-child(2) {bottom: 94px;}

general rules (dont trust anything past this)

you need to add more #about p:nth-child() as you make more fake blogs

the margin-bottom: px value is calculated like this:
( ( ( text height, default is 18 ) + ( blog text margin, default is 10 ) ) * ( amount of fake blogs ) ) + ( blog margin, default is 20 )

the bottom: px value for each text is calculated like this:
( text height, default is 18 ) + ( ( ( text height, default is 18 ) + ( blog text margin, default is 10 ) ) * ( the number of this fake blog - 1 ) ) + ( blog margin, default is 20 ) + ( rightHead text height, default is 18 ) + ( about me text margin, default is 20 ) + ( about me text height, default is 18 )

yes i know the last calculation looks ridiculous but it works..i think
or may be not.if you know a better way to do it please send me

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here is a small tip for all : when on blog , the body is classed as .blogBody this allows you to make different changes for blogs than for home page. example on box head:

.blogBody .boxHead {background-color: #eb8;}
body:not(.blogBody) .boxHead {background-color: #d53;}

that example is on this page,see the contacting box
another example is on flossie where the entire theme changes

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javascript friends to browser history

here is the file just open it in notepad https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/766346871350099998/805605728777797662/history_edit.js
there are 2 example numbers here: 9999 replace with the amount of friends you currently have
and 1,2,3 replace with the list of your friends, you can get from the myspace api: https://myspace.windows93.net/api.php?id=3124 (put your own id here) if you go to raw data and copy all the stuff in the sqare bracket after "fwiends"

then you create a chrome shortcut (i dont test it fully on firefox yet) to the location: https://myspace.windows93.net/
then go to properties shortcut and add --disable-ipc-flooding-protection to the Target section (otherwise it might block your script)
then save and open it, clear your browser history or atleast the site history
go to console from inspect element and then paste the thing and enter
all your friends names should have purple links and none friends have blue links

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custom Online now

the online now is not text it is a gif so to change appearance its easier to just replace it like this:

#online {content: url(image url goes here);}

it is best to keep the image size 80 x 20
i made my own in adobe photoshop for the comic sans font but i dont recommend it,use Piskel instead

save the default online now image: https://myspace.windows93.net/img/online.gif

if you dont know windows93 has piskel on it too you might as well use http://www.windows93.net/#!piskel you can go to file - open then in the file viewer press file - import file and then open the online now gif from your computer.

tips: ctrl/command + z to undo, press a to get a paint bucket which does all colours at once, use the select tool with ctrl/command + c to copy and then ctrl/command + v which works well across frames

when you edited all the frames set the FPS (the default one is 5) then save to desktop.right click it press Download as

then just upload the image somewhere like https://imgur.com/upload and add to your css
here is what i made (you can use this one please give credit to koala71783)

heres another one i made quick so i dont care for credit


Autoplay hidden music on blogs

put this css

.blog a[href$="?autoplay=1"] {display: none;}
.blog iframe[src$="?autoplay=1"] {display: none;}

then put a youtube video link with ?autoplay=1 added on to your blog anywhere
example (without https): www.youtube.com/watch?v=om_qPG9CNig?autoplay=1

If you want to keep a video with autoplay without it being hidden just add &feature=youtu.be to the end of the link
example (without https): www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7tOm7s3iMQ?autoplay=1&feature=youtu.be

Warnign : this will cause lag loading the page
only works when browser autoplay is allowed , of course
and finally you can change the .blog to .blogs to make it work for blog comments too,but watch out for other people posting autoplay videos as well
I had thought that ads would cause a problem but for some reason it seems to not play any this way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om_qPG9CNig?autoplay=1

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transparent image overlay (snowy)

body::after {
content: "";
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
background-image: url(image url goes here);
opacity: .6;
background-size: 50%;
image-rendering: auto;
pointer-events: none;

replace "image url goes here" with an image address
this is the one i used:

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Really bad logout css

#header a:not(.logo) {font-size: 1000px; color: transparent; white-space: nowrap;}
#header {background: transparent !important; border-bottom: 0px solid transparent !important; overflow: visible !important;}


this will make your page log out wherever you click it is realy bad
dont use it unless you know how to get rid of it
because it blocks the edit profile button

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Public account archives (unfinished)

please dont be friends with any of these and dont accept their friend request on any account you care for or use regularly.since they are anonymous and could send you any thing such as mean messages and ip grabbers
however if you use vpn or tor or just dont care for ip grabbers you can login but be warned it can have anything.
they probably get banned at some point too


Guest archive 2019-12-05
Guest 2020 archives (3)


www.youtube.com/watch?t=789&v=DFRtCqNhQkk YouTube evidence


Public Account 2020 archives (11)
Public Account 2020 archives (9)
Public Account




Anarchy Account archive 2020-10-22


IMadeThis 2020 archives (2)
IMadeThis Blog archive 2020-11-27


anarchy account not archived, id was 17448


The People's Account 2021 archives (7)
The People's Account 2021 Blog archives (2)
The People's Account


i will put more images in a short while

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how to make a secret blog by koala71783

step 1: make a temporary blog

this blog will be deleted so you dont need to put stuff here

step 2: copy an empty character


step 3: make another blog with a blank title using empty character

this blog will become your secret blog, but it is visible at the moment on your profile and the news section so dont try to hide stuff there yet.

the blank title should make it impossible to click to from another blog page.

step 4: delete the first temporary blog

this will make it so the link to the blog on the news section will not work

step 5: add this css

.blurbs .blogs :nth-child(2) {font-size: 0px; margin: 0px;}
li:nth-child(1)::marker {font-size: 0px;}
li:nth-child(1) {height: 0px;}
.blogCard div:nth-child(9) b {font-size: 0px;}
.blogCard div:nth-child(9) b::after {
content: "All Blogs (1/10)";
font-size: 18px;

this first line of css makes the blog on yor home page invisible.
this second line of css makes the bullet point on your blogs invisible.
the third line gets rid of the gap it leaves
the fourth get rid of the all blogs number
the fifth adds a new number which can change to match what you have

it might not work if you have done some css changing the blogs,or if you have another css line without ending with a bracket: }

you can change the numbers in bold to make a different blog on your home page invisible,and you will have to change this number if you make more blogs.

The css first line is not needed when you have more than five blogs made after this one.

you dont have to give credit for all secret blogs because there is many ways to make it, but if you copy this css in particular then type "Secret blog css credit to koala71783" in your secret blog

If you know any improvement i can make pleas tell me !!!!!!!!!!

step 6: make your secret blog !!!

you can now do whatever you want here as long as you dont change the title, keep it as a blank space. use markdown to make a title instead like this one has.

you can find it using the blog button at the header or by using a link.

step 7: dont be silly

this blog is not super secret it is actualy easy to spot and get to if you know how so dont put silly or private things there.ok

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